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Leadpages & Facebook Ads Tracking Question

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by tbone, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. tbone

    tbone Newbie

    Jan 9, 2009
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    My client is using the ?Jeff Walker Pre Launch Content Pages? in Leadpages. He published the leadpage to his site (abc.com) via the WP plugin.

    We are sending Facebook ads traffic the root domain (abc.com), which is an squeeze page. After they option we take them to the first video, abc.com/video1. This is the thank you, and we have the Facebook conversion pixel on here.

    There is a menu at the top, with the option to play video 1, video 2, and video 3, very similar to this screencast.com/t/HeKGEoAoPuT6.

    When they click on video 2 in the menu bar, they are taken to abc.com/video2. But from this url, abc.com/video2, when you click Video 1 in the menu bar to watch video one again, it now goes to abc.leadpages.co/video1.

    abc.leadpages.co/video is the same as the page abc.com/video1. In leadpages, when you create a page, you are given multiple options to host the page, the leadpages server (abc.leadpages.co) and/or you could also publish it on your own domain via a Wordpress plugin.

    Since I put the conversions pixel on abc.com/video 1, it means it?s also in the leadpages server page

    I put this Facebook conversion pixel on this page, and therefore, both these pages have the conversion tracking pixel on it too abc.leadpages.co/video1.

    So here?s my question:

    Will Facebook report 2 conversions if one person lands on the abc.com/video1 thank you page, but then then person clicks on video2, then clicks back to video 1 in the menu bar and lands on abc.leadpages.co/video1?

    I?m not to technical so I have no idea if this will count as one or two conversion on Facebook.