tracking 202

  1. Z

    PPV Extreme Tracking?

    Hi guys, Just wondering.. Regarding PPV.. Is there a way to track referrer URL and a click on the Landing Page? Without an "intermediate" page (containing tracking javascript) or a destination URL... Example: I embed the Google Search bar on my landing page. Thus, there's no "intermediate"...
  2. noxon06

    Someone Running Prosper202 on Host*gator Shared Hosting??

    Hey guys nd gals!, Is there someone using Prosper202 in Host*gator Shared Hosting? I can install it without probs but then it doesnt track the conversions! I read that its needed to remove the references to SQL partitioning in functions_install.php ... but have no idea on how to do that...
  3. blackma

    Advice needed on how to track leads!!!

    I have been approached by a leading Irish insurance company and they have explained that they would like to advertise on my site but only want to pay per lead. I would like to have their banner on my site and then track any people who go to their site and get a quote from them. They have a...
  4. mystery

    AdW*atcher & Track*ing202 - Implement Both?!

    Ok, I'm already using track*ing202 tracking service to track my adwords campaigns. I now want to use adw* to help me determine which of my clicks are fraud clicks, and therefore send the report to adwords to retrieve money spent on fraud clicks. The problem is that each of...
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