Someone Running Prosper202 on Host*gator Shared Hosting??


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Apr 30, 2011
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Hey guys nd gals!, Is there someone using Prosper202 in Host*gator Shared Hosting?

I can install it without probs but then it doesnt track the conversions!

I read that its needed to remove the references to SQL partitioning in functions_install.php ... but have no idea on how to do that :(

Also I have heard that there was a fixed copy at long ago, but couldnt find it already.

Please if someone could share how to make it work in a Host*gator Shared Hosting, I would really appreciate it!
Up until a few weeks ago I used to run Prosper202 on a HG shared hosting account.

It was appearing to work as intended, but then I noticed a discrepancy between my PPV network, Prosper202, and CPA network clicks.

Quickly told, Prosper202 dropped a lot of the outbound clicks. From memory, I think only about 20% of the clicks were actually logged by Prosper202.

This basically means that the logs are completely useless! :(

Note that I didn't use the SQL partitioning fix, as I wasn't aware at that time.

Note also that I've been having problems with the latest Prosper202 1.7.2. No matter what I tried it would not log any clicks.

I decided to downgrade to this pre-modded version found at: (Sorry, my post count is too low to actually post a link... run this search in bigG and click the no. 1 result: "prosper202-1-6-1-modded-version-download" )

This time I'm heeding the advices to not run Prosper202 on a shared hosting account, and set it up on my VPS.

I'm still running tests, so cannot really say it's 100%, but so far so good.

Everything looks perfect.

Last note: This pre-modded version should work fine on the HG limited SQL..
It is not recommended to run Prosper202 on a shared hosting account. A VPS, even a low end VPS will work great but as for the latest version of prosper, I never use it so couldn't say much about that.
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