1. cool.dude123

    TPB help

    hi, I am located in the UK so cannot upload my torrent to TPB and when I use a VPN my account gets banned. could someone do me a favor and upload it for me? I return I can seed some of your torrents. PM me if you are interested. thanks, PS. I know it might be a lot to ask for some people...
  2. H

    Demonoid accounts (full) - TPB VIP

    . I have 52 full, genuine Demonoid torrent accounts (2 years old). (they are NOT 'invites', which are related to another main account: so no danger involved that your account gets deleted because of someone else's account) I would like to trade/swap with TPB (ThePiratebay) VIP accounts. I...
  3. blackma

    Jeez, I never thought that they would actually end up doing it...

  4. beefsupreme

    The Seed Ring

    I'm currently creating my own eBook product and concidering additional ways of marketing it, other than AdWords and Clickbank, without being too annoying (spam) and actually giving some value to people out there. So I was thinking of creating a light version of the eBook, which would contain...
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