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  1. JohnKowalski

    You can bypass youtube ads by adding a dot after the domain

    Hey, cool trick just stumbled upon. For example: // will occasionally show ads // will not show ads Source...
  2. JohnyMSF

    Give me million dollar idea

    I am looking for something real, actually build something. I am good in technical stuff but everybody think I am more business guy. (How I dress, talk etc.) So I understand both worlds... Now I am seeking for an idea. Something that you can build company on. (any scale, from 50K to 1M - just at...
  3. Heiko

    Successful IM'ers/Entrepreneurs - Do you use a Calender/ToDo List?

    Hi there, i was wondering how many of ya'll successful IM'ers/Entrepreneurs use a calender or to do list in order to work themselves through the day/week/month? How is your list built up? Do you do the boring tasks first or last? Do you update it weekly, monthly, daily? Do you use a notepad...
  4. Myst3ry

    To Do List. What do you use? I use Trello

    These are all my lists. I put everything here. I have the app too so whenever I get some idea I write everything. Before, I used notepad and when I started using Trello my life has changed, lol. :D
  5. I

    Created a landingpage, ebook and app. How to monetize?

    Hi there, After years of struggling with starting and finishing simple (routine) tasks, I developed a method to increase my productivity on low-priority tasks with more fun while minimizing downtime between it. It's called RandomTask. I have already made a landingpage, ebook and the android...