1. G

    Reciprocal YouTube Thumbnail Ranking

    I sent this to a buddy of mine, because I just thought it was interesting how two video thumbnails came up right next to each other, which both had two girls of similar appearance. Both with their eyes closed, and both video thumbnails are right next to each other on the suggested feed. My...
  2. U

    SOS Help with embed videos in Wordpress - Adult Tube Site

    Hello everybody! I have recently created an adult tube site and I cannot get over a specific problem. I have a list of embed videos, but I do not know how to post them on my website so they would look like xvideos - thumbnail=the thumbnail of the video + autoplay when mouse is on it. I just...
  3. D

    What's good??

    Hello dudes and dudettes etc. I'm new here. I have 0 technical skills and google is my friend. My boyfriend is an IT need/geek so he's been pretty helpful on my new journey with making an adult tube site. I've been passively reading threads and thought this would be a great time to join. I need...
  4. L

    YouTube Video Editor and Thumbnail Maker

    Hi I want to hire someone who can take my boring Internet Marketing Videos and color grade and edit them to look professional. I will give you a outline of the way that I want the video to be. Also every video should have an attention grabbing thumbnail with big bold words across it. If you...
  5. xsisec

    Missing video Thumbnails for adult videos in Wordpress

    Hello Dear forum, I am using wordpress, I have got thousands of videos from various adult-sites in a csv files, each video is a raw url to a mp4 video (eg: Unfortunately the videos is missing thumbnails, I found a plugin that could generate thumbnails...
  6. R

    wanted: YouTube Thumbnails designer

    I am looking for a experienced YouTube Thumbnail Designer for a new german kids toy channel channel Anyone interested? References are appreciated.
  7. ContentWriter

    No More Scraping?

    I used to scrape my posts on Facebook because the thumbnails weren't showing. I have just recently noticed that I do not need to do that anymore. I think the recent updates made it possible. I'm waiting for the catch, though. Do you think Facebook would add more restrictions on pages?
  8. S

    Video's thumbnails

    Hi guys, I want to create a simple video thumbnails as the preview in porn sites. My videos are in google drive and my site in wordpress. I just tried to made a thumbnail but it didn't move, it's only an image. Thank you for the help :)
  9. S

    I need thumbnail php

    I need a PHP script thumbnails sites. Example: I need a script on my site
  10. G

    YouTube Custom Thumbnails Suddenly Not Showing

    Created and posted some new custom thumbnails in a client's YouTube account and they showed up fine in Google search results for about two days. Suddenly, some of them don't show - although the listings themselves show - but some of them still do show and I can't figure our why. The client is a...
  11. Driezzie

    Similar services likes Mgid, Taboola etc ?

    Hi, I have a funny pictures website (self-hosted) that looks a lot like Damn Lol. Currently monetizing with Adsense only but I was thinking about putting some "you might also like" thumbnail blocks to get extra revenue. I only know Mgid, Taboola, Mylikes but are there maybe other solutions ...
  12. R

    [Help] Facebook is not showing my newly published post's meta description/thumbnail

    Hey Blackhatters. I have started using Cloudflare two days ago...But now when I am sharing my newly published post of my site on my facebook page, facebook is not fetching my meta description and thumbnail. When I tried Google Plus for the same everything is working there any bug in...
  13. T

    PhP Myvideoblog thumbnails dont work!

    Hi i decided to make a adult video blog using PHP MyvideoBlog 3.1.5. I wanted to use the Videoflick 2.4 theme by press75 but the thumbnails dont work. how do i get them working. any help will be great. thanks
  14. F

    Need a great WP Plugin that...

    Hello Blackhaters, I'd like to ask you guys if you could help me on this matter. I've started a autoblog a few days ago, installed wprobot RSS module, grabbed a bunch of feeds and I am almost done. Except I need a plugin that generates a thumbnail. I'm not sure if this exists, but I've tought...
  15. egomOnia

    Wordpress - Photo widget like Mashget

    I'm sure a lot of you know about, an extremely well made autoblog which has gotten all of its pages deindexed now, except for the main index page. At the right side, in the menu, there's a section which let's you choose posts by selecting corresponding thumbnail images. Do you...
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