terms of service

  1. thegoldeneye

    Good Morning Slaves: Instagram‘s New Terms of Service

    If you didn't know there is an updated version of Instagram‘s ToS. We all knew they are collecting a lot of information but now they can: access and record things trough camera copy address book/call log read all your messages collect information from search history and know everything you are...
  2. A

    Terms and Conditions for my Affiliate Program. How to get it right? NEED ADVISE!

    Hello Guys! My name is Alex, I am an SEO + product manager for multiple products. Usually, I know what to do and how to do it but I kinda hit a wall now. So, there is a business focused on selling courses (USA based company) and we are now looking to launch an affiliate program to sell more...
  3. M

    Will I end in Jail with my Instagram service?

    Hey guys, recently I reached the first stage in the development of an instagram analysis tool. I’m quite sure that I can offer in depth analysis that go a few steps deeper than existing tools like hypeauditor or socialblade do. Deep social was shut down in 08/2018… but i cant find any...
  4. underground-rap

    Tools for Privacy and Cookie Policy?

    Hey, I got a couple of websites, planning to launch them soon. Got to make sure, that Privacy and Cookie Policy, as well as Terms of Service are perfectly written and include everything the website offers. Had websites before and wrote all of it on my own before, but lets face the facts. In the...
  5. K

    Terms and service agreement party

    I have an online service soon to be launched where I will be charging money from my future users to access it, so I have to come up with some TOS for them to agree on during sign up. I know all about the contents, I only have a problem with the beginning. The problem is, I don't have a legit...