Terms and Conditions for my Affiliate Program. How to get it right? NEED ADVISE!


Sep 8, 2019
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Hello Guys!

My name is Alex, I am an SEO + product manager for multiple products. Usually, I know what to do and how to do it but I kinda hit a wall now.
So, there is a business focused on selling courses (USA based company) and we are now looking to launch an affiliate program to sell more of our stuff.

Though, since the business is 100% legal we need to create Terms And Conditions for our affiliate program so that in case something goes wrong we will be 100% protected by the US law (in case someone wants to sue us for whatever reason, or if there are any taxation questions from the IRS).

I need to find someone or an organization where I could get terms and conditions for our program.
I would really appreciate it if you can give me thoughtful advice on that.
* I need real T&C that will be a perfect fit for our business. No auto-generated templates.
* I am ready to go and buy it but I do not know who to trust with that.

Please help :))