1. B

    My team of develoeprs + your clients

    Hi, I have a team of developers, and your method of getting clients, (you can use freelancers sites or what ever you like) I am looking to partner up with more than one, I am willing to offer 30 - 40%
  2. anwarsheriff

    [FREE] Udemy - Microsoft Teams: Teams Essentials for the workplace

    Microsoft Teams Fundamentals and Essentials Teams Crash Course | Office 365 Teams for Business; Microsoft Teams Course What you'll learn The Fundamentals of Microsoft Teams How to Create Teams in Teams How to Manage Teams in Teams How to Create Channels in Teams How to Manage Channels in Teams...
  3. sony108

    Elections, ideas will be welcome.

    Not if it is the place for this topic, I apologize if it is not. In Argentina we have to vote in october, what would you do thing about to offer a good service to one candidate? And what types of items to hire and what experts to include in the team. Obviously I have something thought, of...
  4. WhiteDeal

    [JV] Store looking for Partner

    Profit Share 50-50% on the sales you generate. About the Dropshipping Store: - A full functioning Store - Fulfillment tested - Fully Branded - Audience/Competitors analysed - examples Ready - Orders are rolling in slowly What you should can/do: - Your job is to drive traffic to my store from...
  5. S

    How to create a remote Link Building team?

    Hello! We're paying quite a lot for SEO services every month. The results are okay but I want to take Link Building in-house as we have perfect On-Page SEO. The question is how to create a remote Link Building team? Does anybody has an experience in that? I am wondering what positions do I...
  6. Baba6

    I welcome myself to the forum of indigenous of internet

    Hello one and all, old and new, short and tall, I am Baba based out of India.
  7. iplaynaked

    we can build something amazing

    hi BHW, I was reading some posts about e-commerce on this amazing website and came to a plan. We all know to have a successful e-commerce you need to master in many different sectors, not just web design or SEO. My plan is simple, all we need to do is team up and create 1 amazing e-commerce...
  8. Rasadasd


    I was freaked out when I read this... I wanna know what you guys think about this article. Somebody please tell me this is a total BS...
  9. IMForsaken

    Looking for a Team to earn Experience

    Hello Forsaken here I m looking for a Team that is searching maybe for a new Member. Im very new to the online business but i think that i will earn alot of Experience by talking daily to people via teamspeak or something like this. Since now, i worked a bit with peoples that earn money with...
  10. laconfidential

    Hey BHW, where can i get stock pictures of professionals?

    So, i need to update my 'team' and i need stock pictures of professional looking people to do so. Are there websites to get them from? PS: my industry is business in general, and i wanna make it look like i have a massive team for trust and authority purposes. Every insight is helpful, thanks.
  11. A

    BIG profit margins and repeat customers. My site + your traffic/SEO = $

    Hello, I'm looking to partner with a skilled marketer that can drive traffic to my site. This is a very profitable niche with very big profit margins and repeat customers. Because of many barriers to entry there are not many competitors and to beat the existing competitors I have focused on a...
  12. B

    BlackHat money-making group

    I want to start a money making skype group, and I need 3 more people for start. Because more people=more brain power= more $$$ Anyone interested leave a reply here, but you must meet this basic requirements: Decent English- You can be from anywhere but you must know english at a conversational...
  13. H

    Graphics designer needed, Logo, headers, web templates, video creation

    Hello Guys, i am in to web development, looking a creative graphics designer and video creation on order bases please PM with ur portfolio & your skype regards
  14. S

    PPC Team Roster and Management Question

    Hello and Good Day, Everyone I recently came to an understanding that me and my team hit a management wall when distributing and peforming the various tasks of a PPC fueled enterprise. We got a tech guy, a good designer (outsourced), a prime offer prospector/negotiator (aka leader of the pack)...
  15. T

    I Need a team to Work in my Movies/Tvshows streaming website

    Hello , I need a Team to Work with me in My Streaming website. I Need linkers that can add links to several movies and episodes. I Need someone who can do Seo and Rank my website on Search Engines like Google. I Need someone who can manage Social Media, by posting the Newest Movies and...
  16. K

    I just quit my job with 8 other colleagues and created another firm. Please read Inside!

    Fellow hatters, Me and my new team are situated in Europe, our quality and prices are extremely competitive. The problem is we are all geeks and don't know how to promote our selves to find partners. We don't want to go the freelancer way as this will be a step back for all of us. We are looking...
  17. V

    Cryptocurrency - Creating team of experts for the implementation of projects.

    Hello. I have been in the IM scene since the old 2009, with many successful projects in my portfolio. My journey brought me, during the last months, into the cryptocurrency scene. The learning curve has been one of the hardest that i faced until now, there are many aspects of the...
  18. S

    Hello Fellow BlackHat Members I'm A Newbie Needing Help!

    Hi guys Just a fast note and to thank the BHW team for having me. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, all pointers for success here on blackhatworld! Friend me or message me :) Regards Scott Edwards
  19. T

    Searching for Developer Team

    I need 2-3 developers who have experience in Application Development. I have a few really good money making ideas I just need help creating. PM me. Job pays GOOD $$.
  20. K

    I need your help to optimize the income of my team

    So basically i am in the middle of a long term project and we are not making any money and won`t be making any for at least 6 more months. We have some spare time and I decided it is time for me to go back to the old habits. So i am asking you what will you suggest I and my team dig our teeth...
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