tax evasion

  1. tenJenNen

    Buying wholesale without VAT number

    Hello, After doing a quick research on the forum I saw that this topic has not been addressed before. My question is rather simple so I'll dive right into the point. As you may already know sites like alibabba require the user to provide a valid VAT number in order to place an order. In my...
  2. S

    Theoretical: You're Being Chased By the Po-Po for Tax Evasion. What Do You Do?

    Alright, say the fuzz says you've made too much money from porn re-upload and you don't pay taxes. They issue a warrant for your arrest. What is your plan? I'd cut my hair, change my name and subsist off of PayPal monkey generator.
  3. Rock_Shock

    Indian IM (total tax avoidance strategy) ?

    If you are into IM and form India.. does this sound like a good idea.. please pitch in if anyone has advise. It will probably apply to 1 Million + per year range better then the rest. Less than that it may be possible but not so viable - Lose Indian citizenship - Buy citizenship in tax...
  4. Roshaen

    Promotiong adult Cpa

    Hey i Just want to know is it illegal to promote an adult website or a adult cpa from INDIA.I Even Have Some Adult FB Pages that i am using to promote some cpa's.Just Wanted to Know as there is guy that claims he got notice from HIGH COURT For Promoting Adult website and managing adult websites...
  5. Reyone

    How to Evade tax Method - 100% Legal - Moral? Not so much

    Before you start reading I would like to state the following: A- I do not approve it (morally). B- I think it is not fine to do it by any means. C- I am simply sharing information which I have gathered through different sources. D- I am not responsible for any of your actions if you decide to...
  6. cupid_stunt

    Tax Havens and Offshore Banking - Anyone Doing It?

    Is there anyone here earning over a few hundred k and year and managing to pay no (or very little tax)? I've been researching some ideas and trying to find a legal way around it and although there are a few many involve getting residency in another country first. With a regular job this...
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