1. Y

    Want to hire someone with Telegram Accounts

    What i expect: 1. Someone with a lot of Telegram Accounts (with understandable names and not random asdfsfgh) ( you can make new accounts using PVA i dont care as long as they dnt get banned by telegram) 2. Joins a group and types a unique code with each of their accounts (I will provide the...
  2. wassch19

    I ve been expelled from figure eight(newbie)

    A lot of you know clixsence (you can make 5 $ a day doing tasks ) you got pay with cents 0.01 to 0.1 depends on the job you re doing but the the correction system of tasks is shitty if you score below 75% of accurancy than you re expelled from the tasks forever Anyone know how to get out of the...
  3. A

    Plz help me to make my first dollar

    Plz help
  4. D

    How to run software while computer is off

    My question is does anybody know how I can have my software running all night and performing tasks while my laptop is off and while I sleep? Is this done through some type of server or something? Admins you can move this if it doesn't belong in this menu.
  5. A

    Earn Money Online Using Proxy or VPN

    Hello guys, is there any method to earn money online by doings surveys or anothers offers or tasks for non-us citizen? I want something like no one can trace me when i use proxy or vpn, whenever i use vpn and go to inboxdollars, they show my original ip and proxy ip, how they know that i am...
  6. I

    Created a landingpage, ebook and app. How to monetize?

    Hi there, After years of struggling with starting and finishing simple (routine) tasks, I developed a method to increase my productivity on low-priority tasks with more fun while minimizing downtime between it. It's called RandomTask. I have already made a landingpage, ebook and the android...
  7. G

    Can someone tell sites, that pays for different tasks?

    I need to earn some quick cash, about $400 next month with 6-8 hours of work daily. So can someone tell where I can do this?
  8. Madruga

    Are TO DO Lists Effective for You? Do they become a 'habit' or it doesn't 'stick'??

    1.) I'm curious to know how much the 'to-do lists' could help you on a daily basis, assuming you're one of the people that uses a to-do application (pc/mobile) or his own paper agenda. And what kind of things do you put in there, what are the smallest and insignificant things you put down and...
  9. D

    ... safety day :)

    ... hey boys and girls :) when was the last day you had a "safety day"? .. backup, full system scan on all your computers and stage 3 -> global change of passwords? ... hummmm.. it will take some time for me..
  10. B

    Outsourcing your life

    So, I know this is crazy old but I just started reading the "4-hour workweek" and have been thinking of ways to outsource some of the non-business related tasks in my daily life. I'm talking about things like scheduling activities, researching new restaurants in my area, finding new movies for...
  11. ch8878

    What all programs can repeat a task ?

    I need to find a program like iMacros that can record and repeat a task because iMacros dosent work any other programs like it ?
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