targetted traffic

  1. somewebmaster

    (Real/human) Adult traffic swap

    I searched around but didn't find anything satisfactory. Sorry if this question was answered 10k times before. There are two sites, both adult but different niche. The first one has great conversion rate, Rev-share and PPL. After several punishments from Google traffic dropped from 5k to 1k...
  2. hekke

    Get high targetted traffic with YouTube Fan Finder

    Hi, I have been a member of this forum since January and still haven't posted something useful so I thought let's do it! I sat down and thought if you could take the new option "Fan Finder" on YouTube to your advantage, and 1 second later this idea popped up which can be used in any niche for...
  3. azguru

    Post Great Ways to Drive Manual Traffic

    What are some of the ways you drive manual targeted traffic to your site? The key here is TARGETED - meaning users who will actually enjoy your site. Traffic wise, one good targeted link is worth so much more then 1000 random backlinks I'll post a few of my methods. Please contribute 1. Blog...
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