target country

  1. LifetimeCharger

    Building a community? Find your target group? Tools? Marketing? I need your help :)

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out with a somewhat comprehensive topic that has been affecting and preoccupying me for a while now. I'm a coder and can implement my projects myself. I'm also familiar with appropriate hosting. What I lack is knowledge in the area of marketing / social media. I've...
  2. codetodeath

    Tiktok - getting bad target

    Hi Guys, rn many accounts of myself and partners from Europe are getting very bad target countries. We always had an high amount of USA views but now have 2/3 from Europe. We used to set the phones tu US and also use US Sim cards, that worked well. When target countries were swifting to...
  3. SeedPhrase

    Rank your website in specific country

    Hello, guys, I have an affiliate site basically my target market is the US. but my site is ranking in India(my country) what I can do to rank my site in a specific country please guide me(step by step), I'll be grateful for your help?
  4. autodream

    target specific country in serps

    i want to know information about targeting specific country i guess the default option in google search engine is non country specific ,display all results from all countries unless the user change it to his country i want to know how much people change the serps to their specific country i...
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