1. beakerhat

    Survival Tip for Wiped Out Sites

    I am one of the victims of wiped out sites. Not all though. This morning one site's homepage is fully gone. I checked my competitors' sites. Noticed that almost all of them had the timing of page update attached. Funny that the updates were nothing more than thin contents. I also noticed that...
  2. T

    Make Bitcoin or Cash for Bringing in Members

    I am helping my friend with his survival site and we have 12 members so far and 12 have received some amazing information and so far 8 have received their first free gift as a member. The site promotes survival technique and is trying to get rolling, first with the site and then with the money...
  3. S

    Need help.. any survivalist/long term food (dehydrated/freeze dry) prepper affiliates??

    Hello, I have a site socialdivvyDOTnet and was wondering if anyone knows about any good affiliate programs for this niche? I decided to make this site because it is my interest and would like to promote products that are relevant to my site. Thanks in advance! ps I only have hostgator and 3...
  4. whodi

    Actually started a blog I care about...

    As opposed to the hundreds of other blogs and sites Ive created, I finally made one that Im truly interested in. I dont even have any plans of monetizing it (well yet anyways :) ) Its about surviving after a disaster.... I strongly believe that in my lifetime, I will be forced to evacuate my...
  5. A

    SURVIVALIST site needs dropship products

    I have done a survivalist site and I want to add a shop on it with DROPSHIP products. Could be self defense, video surveillance, spy gadgets, etc... I would preferably deal with an european suppliers as my main market is E.U. and they will have to ship the items there.
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