Survival Tip for Wiped Out Sites


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Apr 25, 2012
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I am one of the victims of wiped out sites. Not all though. This morning one site's homepage is fully gone. I checked my competitors' sites. Noticed that almost all of them had the timing of page update attached. Funny that the updates were nothing more than thin contents.

I also noticed that last four days, every time I updated the site, it rose up in search results. Hence, inject contents to your site. Its gonna be hard, however, try to inject at least 3 to 4 contents everyday for a week or two. Your aim here is to increase search crawl rate. If nothing happens don't lose hope. You still have nrelate and other ads that you can use to advertise your site. Some people who got hit badly by Penguin last couple of years actually used those to get traffic.

Don't waste your time on social signals for the time being unless you have loyal visitors on FB, Twitter and Google Plus. Its just not gonna work right now. Telling from experience.

Things will get back to normal probably after Google's stock price goes up.
What makes you so certain that things will go back to normal (whatever 'normal' is in SEO and algorithm updates) when Google's stock prices go up? Is this an observation you have made in the past?
Would you suggest creating drip fed links to these pieces of content? Or just create it with good onpage seo?
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