Make Bitcoin or Cash for Bringing in Members

Aug 3, 2014
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I am helping my friend with his survival site and we have 12 members so far and 12 have received some amazing information and so far 8 have received their first free gift as a member. The site promotes survival technique and is trying to get rolling, first with the site and then with the money he makes with the site, start physical locations groups can meet and actually learn survival techniques, skills, knowledge, kinetic education and more. Right now he has 4 levels of memberships, he gives the information to everyone but the different levels determine what stuff he will send as to him, that shows more dedicated to learn because you have something invested in it. He is a survivalist himself, he has many others around him that are but he is also a business man. He is able to live in both worlds with no problem, that with the house, the car and the ability to go to the grocery store to shop for his food and that of living without, without any thing and having to actually get up which will determine if you go to sleep hungry. We all see people everyday that would be at a total loss if they had to go through that. People are too accustomed to having everything able to be reached for with ease and it would be nice to change that, not to say that they need to just forget everything they are going for, but to have the knowledge in case something happens. It would also enlighten people to help others that can't survive, when they know they can.

But enough of the world and now to the highlights. He needs members to continue and wants to reach 1000 paid members so he is offering BTC or cash to people that can bring him members, he has two referrals right now, but more is better, each has their own code that they give for their referrals to use, not only does the code highlight that you are the referral so that he keeps track, it also gives them a certain percentage off the price. He wants to use only BTC as he is trying to only use it as a means of building everything ground up. You can receive 1-5BTC per 5-15 members you get in. I can give you more info including the site if your interested in taking a look.

**For referrals, after a certain amount of people that go in, you to choose awesome stuff from zombie apocalypse stuff to a cross bow lol

Just a small way we are getting people Bitcoin :)
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