1. Bozuyuk

    Misuse of the letter I with the letter L on Telegram

    Friends first of all, the last letter of my username on telegram ends with a lowercase letter L. There is a topic I sell on the market, and my telegram username is written to contact addresses, one of the scammers is imitating my account, the last letter of the username is a capital letter “ I...
  2. obabo

    BHW Support in favor of scammers

    Dear fellows Unfortunately I need to state the BHW Support Support Scammer I posted about my experience with some scammy SMM Panel and who they use fake accounts to buried bad comments about their service. I sent a message...
  3. Bozuyuk

    a little motivation

    i'm leaving a motivational word, if everyone left one, it might be useful for someone A year from now you may wish you had started today. -Karen Lamb.
  4. M

    Google reviews not going live. Need help?

    I have just started freelancing as a Digital Marketer. I am trying to place reviews on several businesses listed on Google but none of them are going live. My gmail accounts are created this month only. They are created using different IPs but using only 2-3 PC & mobiles. I need help...
  5. P

    Fiverr Support BS

    Want to know if anyone else has gotten the same response from fiverr or has dealt with their support. using my personal account (not marketing related) I messages a few members on fiverr about a gig, I wake to find my account was disabled no warning, just go an email saying I was disabled for...
  6. ProfessorBlackbeard

    Has shut down their business?? Unreachable support.

    Hello, I have an account from but I can't reach their support? All help pages are empty and have no content and also the live support they have never answer. Have they gone bankrupt or whats the deal here? All answers would be helpful!
  7. intracon

    CPALock, DollarUpload - your opinion?

    Have anyone here ever had experience of working with CPALock or DollarUpload nowadays? Their interface look pretty similar. They have really great offers and the amount of pay is great as well. However, the support never answers. Wanted to test their support system and didn't get any reply from...
  8. intracon

    CPABuild - any luck nowadays?

    Hey, did anyone here have any luck with CPABuild nowadays? I registered there a month ago maybe. However, my account is still "Pending approval". Tried to contact support two times. First - using the contact form on their website. Second - sending them a direct email. Nobody answers. Haven't...
  9. Bakidaki

    Can I block someone or only ignore?

    Is there an option to block someone on blackhatworld or only ignore?
  10. Omega_69

    How to share URL in BHW

    Hello I'm newbie. How to share link on BHW? Am i get ban for sharing link?
  11. TomTheCat

    Release the women...

  12. deroty

    Benefiting from offshore companies to pay lower tax.

    Hello friends. I am from Turkey and I am opening an account in forex firm "IC Markets" Seychelles branch. What I want to ask is: What and which location can I incorporate in order not to pay tax? And I also want a debit card in that anonymous company name. I looked Seychelles and it costs 600...
  13. litemere

    [Giveaway] Elementor VIP Teams 24/7 Support | One Month - and - Elementor Pro | One Year

    Greetings, Fellow BlackHatWorld Members, This giveaway is for Elementor VIP Teams Support | One Month - and - Elementor Pro | One Year. This giveaway is particularly for someone who uses Elementor and needs immediate support while learning to use features. With the Elementor VIP Team Support...
  14. tosagger

    Absolute no nothing newbie here

    Reason I'm here: my affiliate manager told me to. The main reason though is that I just found out about C-p-a marketing within the seven days. I really don't want to sound too hopeful or over my dead, but I HAVE to make a living from this line of work. I'm not going to talk about all the reasons...
  15. L

    Hey, ADMINS, I need your help.

    I know I shouldn't post on Introductions if I need help. But you support ticket system is broke, the captcha never gets submitted, so I have no other choice than to post here, sorry. My main Account got banned by mistake, please contact me here in DMs, so I can explain my situation. TL;DR Admin...
  16. allhimic

    How much should a studio pay for a website?

    Hello everyone, I am now planning to order the development of a website from a certain studio and I would like to know the range of monetary equivalent that I can work with. Let's take a look at these sites as an example: How many dollars do I...
  17. CreativeDaddy

    And the worst 2021 technical support goes to........ Godaddy!

    I just had this experience some minutes ago. I had to open a ticket requesting a simple DNS change because their manual system was always giving a error and this happen. Resume: The person in charge of my support ticket, made me request multiple password changes and got it a 7 days block. The...
  18. RobboDaYobbo

    FOLLOW ADDER help needed please.

    #1 I purchased 6 months deal for one account. #2 .. logged in and made sure password was correct .. same as instagram. #3 now telling me INVALID TOKEN ??? #4 I have contacted help desk and heard nothing back for weeks... Can someone help me get an INSTA TOKEN sorted ??? I have no idea how...
  19. K

    IG Account Support - Can't be tagged in posts!

    I'm looking for someone to help me figure out why my IG account can't be tagged in posts or respond to comments. Occasionally when my stories are shared they flagged and removed. The account is my personal Yoga account so I'm wondering if perhaps someone reported it for sexual content? Every...
  20. N

    Advertising On BHW

    Hey I am trying to figure out how to advertise here on BHW through paid ads, but the page is not loading for me. Tried sending in a support ticket, but the captcha is not going through either lol Somebody can help?
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