1. Zagreus

    Starting a Supplement Store

    Hey guys, in the last couple of weeks we've been doing some research marketing into a "Supplement Store". I curated - with the help of a nutritionist - some products. Even checked them with a lawyer for any food-related issues. Now we're currently in the development phase of the store and my...
  2. Shabzy

    Looking for marketer with experience in restricted niche Pharma SARMS

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a marketer with experience in marketing restricted niches such as pharmaceutical, CBD, kratom. My website is in the SARMs niche. I have a good product, a clean website and a decent presence online. Orders have dried up recently and the only way I can currently...
  3. fxkool

    How many of you sell sports nutrition and nootropic supplements through affiliate?

    Hi, Just wondering if its possible to start making decent profits by selling out supplements and smart pills on the internet? Just as an FYI - I've launced my website a few months ago. I am looking to build out organic traffic to rank at google queries. Total sales/commissions for 2 months -...
  4. NeoMorpheus

    Nootropic Private Labeling or Dropshippers? Creating a brand.

    I'm creating a Biohacking brand, and need a few Nootropics to cover the brain upgrades. Phenylpiracetam, Noopept, Aniracetam, Adrafinil or some type of all-in-one stack to sell as a Cognitive flagship, but not the pseudo-nootropics versions. I can create my own labeling, and would either like...
  5. D

    I need SEO expert

    I need seo expert who can make seo for my landing page, best for long tail keywords. I need 3 landing pages to be promoted. Please PM and send me offer, if you can send mail blast it will great, I will provide mailing list
  6. D

    How to promote Supplements

    few days ago I joined but still thinking what will better, buy baner ads on adult site or run adwords campaign ? Or maybe any other better way to promote it ? Please advise
  7. John4life2017


    Hi all, what are the best ways to promote supplements?
  8. Titus Lotuss

    Newbie Aff for Pharma

    Looking to find resources where I can purchase leads for pharma and nutraceuitcals (supplements). Open for partnership and money making ventures online. Interested in solid affiliate marketing programs for pharma with painmeds and ed drugs.
  9. hemi427

    ____HEALTH NICHE PBN_SEO____Pharmacy & Diet Supplements_____

  10. leftyson4

    Help Finding Owners of Large Email Lists

    Does anyone have a suggestion for finding folks who've built huge mailing lists that are targeted towards health and chronic illness vertical? Seems like there should be some kind of directory on how to find these people to offer a partnership deal. On that note, if you know of any quality...
  11. S

    New supplement affiliate program advice

    Hey BH Community! I just launched an affiliate program for a supplement company. Currently, we're offering 30% commissions. Current average cart value is $66.17. We're looking to bring on ~10 more affiliates then open it up to ~10 more in a month or two. Where would you recommend posting our...
  12. T

    Good BodyBuilding Affiliate Programs

    Hello BHW fam! I hope you all had a great new years. I have been an observer of the BHW forms for some time now. Recently I have decided it is time for me to venture out into the world of IM. I have decided to start producing a sports supplements line and I will have products manufactured and...
  13. Royal Burgess

    Thanks Black Hat World Lets do this !!

    Currently running Multiple WP Sales Sites selling Bulk Herbs, Herbal Extracts and Supplement Products. Medium Level : Marketing Experience, Social Networks , SEO , Ad words , Facebook Ads. Novice in Link building, Affiliate programs ( I know how they work). Any input would be greatly...
  14. leftyson4

    Oohhhhhh Helllloooooooo...

    Hey guys I'm an internet marketer and supplement company owner who just joined due to the increasingly tough landscape that the supplement/health niche has over the years. I need bigger, better tools to fight with and more friends So, if you're a traffic genius (especially PPC) feel free to...
  15. F

    HELP! Meeting to possibly partner with big suplement manufacturer. What Q's should I ask?

    Hi, I met a neighbour while looking for my lost dog that is working with a supplement, male/female sex enhancement, and other stuff. This guy help start a well known big brand male enhancement pill, he now owns his own manufacturing and wholesale business. From what I was told, still not sure...
  16. C

    Sport Supplements Dropshipper (North America)

    I have yet to find a store in Canada that prices sport supplements adequately, to the point that everybody I know just orders supplements from US sites. I am extremely interested if someone here has a dropshipping program with reasonable prices. Without a supplier, I cannot move forward in my...
  17. R

    Looking for a supplement dropshipper

    Hey guys, I'm starting an online supplement store, and have been looking for a dropshipping company or wholesaler that offers popular workout/performance supplements. Anyone know of any? Thanks! P.M if you know any.
  18. T

    Looking for a supplement dropshipper!

    Hey guys, I am after a supplement dropshipper or someone that can provide private label for rice and pea protein powder. Cheers, TheDude
  19. J

    UK Sport nutrition supplements dropshipping

    Hi there Im setting up a store that will market within the UK I am looking for drop shippers of sport nutrition and supplements (Ie proteins / fat burners / energy gels etc... ) If anyone can help get in touch Skype = ryanhow100 or pm ! :D
  20. W

    SEO for HGH Supplements and Anti-Aging

    I am looking for an expert in SEO/Black Hat in the Supplement world. I am not going after weight loss but other niches such as hgh supplememts, fertility, anti-aging, metabolic syndrome, increasing sperm count, blood sugar etc. All very competitive but not as bad as weight loss. Must be an...
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