1. blackhatbeavis

    SubReddit Mod Experience

    I've been trying to grab some discarded subreddits but because I have no experience as a mod of subreddits I have been denied. Anyone have mod experience and can help me snag some subreddits and passover admin? Happy to pay for help. Cheers!
  2. K

    What content should I post for this?

    Hey BHW members, it's me again I want to open an NSFW subreddit in the future but before I do that I want to push a few accounts with karma first. I did buy a few ones which have a few months. That would be my question: Could I start by posting say memes or cats/dogs to get karma and when I have...
  3. Rakzs

    [Guide] Reddit Tactics for rapid NSFW account growth

    Welcome to my thread everyone. Today I'll detail how to grow your adult accounts to get high karma from scratch. These aren't some big secrets but for beginners looking into reddit for adult marketing, this guide will go over everything to do to get a lot of karma and followers. Browser Setup...
  4. Jhos838

    I sell NSFW subreddit

    Here I sell NSFW subreddit. All subreddits were legally crosstop uploaded, all members are 100% real. By purchasing a subreddit I will give you full control of the subreddit since I am the only moderator. The subreddit you can use it to promote: CPA offers, promote onlyfans, promote your...
  5. Stoy_Morado

    Reddit NSFW Subreddit for Sale

    Hi everyone, I want to sell a single NSFW Subreddit. The subreddit is growing and functioning by itself, i didn't touched the subreddit for months and this is the main reason i want to sell it. Subreddit Stats: Subscribers: 80K Niche: Lesbian (Lesbian Micro-Niche) The Subreddit: Page...
  6. Jhos838

    How to use a subreddit to promote an Onlyfans model?

    hello, I have an ONLYFANS model and I have a 70k subreddit and I would like to know what is the best way to get subscribers to her ONLYFANS
  7. R

    Subreddit Hacks

    Created a service related subreddit already. How can I grow up niche related organic traffics? Any hacks for rapid growing?
  8. blackhatbeavis

    Anyone used Reddit ads to grow subreddit?

    Found a few vendors selling Reddit ads accounts. Was wondering if you could use these to boost subreddit members? Thanks in advance
  9. Jhos838

    Did you get your subreddit banned?

    I have been banned from 3 nsfw subreddits, I am making this post to ask because today I found out that several friends had 5 subreddits closed due to spam
  10. letuvis

    [JV] My Subreddit community - your sales techniques

    hello, I own a few subreddits with decent traffic. crypto niche and music niche, both SFW Who wants to join? I would send the stats in private. We could share 50/50. I have few ideas myself but sky is never the limit.
  11. K

    Reddit Marketing And Subreddit Expert

    Looking for a real Reddit expert, someone who knows and can show/ prove how to promote anything on Reddit. And knows how to grow subreddits, without any bots or fake accounts. Who knows how to get subreddits active, engaged, and that real people post rather than just 1 person. If you are that...
  12. thescrrr

    ▶️ 4 Keto Subreddits For Sale - Almost 240k subscribers ❤️ Serious Buyers Only ❤️

    Hello, Do you have a diet blog, a good offer, or just want to build a lucrative email list in one of the most competitive niches out there? Then these subreddits are for you! I'm offering you 4 subreddits, 3 smaller and one big (~170k), totaling almost 240.000 subscribers. Subreddit growth...
  13. SocialManager

    [COURSE - eBOOK & VIDEOS] Mastering Marketing on Reddit and Quora - Methods, Tips, Tricks - Basics to Advanced - [BHW Exclusive Discount]

    Make Money Online Using Reddit and Quora Comprehensive eBook and companion videos that will take you through the basics and into advanced methods and strategies. This product is designed for people who want to: ✅ Develop long-term, passive, reliable income streams. ✅ Add new platforms to...
  14. Jans12

    I have this question before offering my services as a Reddit administrator

    Hello everyone! (I inform you that my English is not the best) It so happens that lately I have been offered people willing to pay in exchange for me managing their SubReddit and Reddit profiles. The detail is that I don't know what price to offer. Can someone more or less give me an estimate...
  15. Uzii

    [Journey] Reddit NSFW Subreddits For Fun And Profit

    Good evening all, As many of you may know from my many giveaways/multiple JV posts, one of my major revenue streams is driving traffic to OnlyFans agencies through various Reddit marketing strategies. Recently, I've felt my clients and I have started to hit the upper limit of the easily...
  16. Q

    How do i promote my ero subbreddit?

    Hi im new to this whole affilate marketing stuff. I made 2 subreddits with ero content and im wondering how should i attract people to it. One of them is currently at 4 members and another still at 1. I know that i can crosspost but most subreddits have disabled corsspoting so is there a tool...
  17. A

    Anyone had luck doing promotions/shout-outs on reddit?

    I'm running a NSFW subreddit and I'm thinking about monetization techniques. Right now I'm just searching through the threads and clustering methods and techniques users here mentioned. Somehow none of them really mentioned promotions or shout-outs. 1. Is it allowed to do it without getting...
  18. OnlineA

    NSFW subreddits that allow watermark on gif/jpeg?

    Does anyone have a list of those and willing to share or sell? Also a list of NSFW subreddits that allow cross-posting would be nice.
  19. fishbelly86onions

    NSFW posting with fresh accounts 100% leads to ban what to do?

    Hello, I have a problem, no matter what I try when I post something related with NSFW with fresh created account it gets banned. After one post. What I've tried already : - Different various proxies, residential, 4G and etc - Different accounts providers, even to make by myself on my phone...
  20. INCC

    Selling 2nd largest Pancakeswap community on Reddit

    As the title says - I'm selling the second-largest Pancakeswap subreddit. The only largest one is the official Pancakeswap community. Almost 12,500 members The community grows about 50-100 members per day. Pageviews per day 350-500 Pageviews per month up to 13,000 and over Created June 2021...