1. kimpete48

    It is coming so thank you @Sephrata for exposing me.. I am the original Stuna

    Ok without any further a do .. Yes I am the Stuna but I do not have any ill intentions ok? I am not like @royserpa I do not not know how @Sephrata does it.. But I am caught out by him.. and I have the balls to say it.. As I respect BHW.. I am doing well in IM and I do not need SIX BST's like I...
  2. D

    I was scammed on here by Stuna, I got him been banned. I Need a programer.

    As some of you may know.... Stuna scammed me out of $150.... This was my rent money for the month, and I was not refunded.... If you care to see the thread, it's the top one on the shit list.... Thanks to @MisterF and the other awesome mods on here, I was able to get Stuna banned. I'm over it...
  3. D

    Stuna Bots Is A Scammer! (He is now accusing me of scamming?)

    Okay everyone, hello! First off, i want stuna to know that he can still refund me! I will drop this as soon as he does! I came here in search of a bot that could create pornhub accounts, and use those accounts to like and favorite my Pornhub videos! I ordered three things from Stuna of...