I was scammed on here by Stuna, I got him been banned. I Need a programer.


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As some of you may know.... Stuna scammed me out of $150.... This was my rent money for the month, and I was not refunded.... If you care to see the thread, it's the top one on the shit list....

Thanks to @MisterF and the other awesome mods on here, I was able to get Stuna banned.

I'm over it, no hard feelings toward the loser. He'll probably lose whatever he had now that he no longer has people to scam....

Anyway... I was promised a bot that could

1. Create Pornhub Accounts using PVA (i think they are called this) gmail accounts etc.

2. Use these pornhub accounts to like, favorite, and maybe even comment on videos.

3. Send traffic to Pornhub videos which would generate me revenue.

Now, I'm going to be honest, I don't have tons of money. What I had..... I gave to Stuna....

I am hoping somebody on this nice forum would be able to build me software that could at least do the bottom 2 things here....

This is a great forum, and I really hope somebody can help me out , because as I stand right now.... I will probably be getting evicted from my apartment without the working bot being able to generate me money.

If you know anybody who could do this sort of stuff for free/ very little charge to help out a forum member that got a notorious scammer banned off of here, please @them in the post!

Please, if you have any way of helping out at all.... Whether you have had 10 years or just 1 of programming experience and can make a bot, or if you own a bot that can do some of these things. Please get in touch with me!

Please Community! Help a member out!


Aug 7, 2011
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I've seen your SL thread, sad for your lost money, I will try to help you for free, check PM.

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Sep 15, 2016
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Just a note PVA stands for Phone Verified Account, That might get your job confusing to some people like me because how the bot gonna automatically phone verify the account.