1. B

    [Q] is tag spamming hit an algorithm on YouTube?

    Hi BHW My question is Placing excessive tags in the video description (“tag stuffing”) is it new to get views on youtube? Even youtube algorythm is promoting those tag spam video everywhere. Dont you think it's a good way to get maximum views in 2020. use tag spamming for 24 hours and...
  2. N

    Should I stuff or create a new page?

    Hello, Here's my situation, I have a money page that is fully optimized for 5 KWs, and I am ranked pretty well for these KWs. I found 5 other KWs that are very related to my service with high search volume, I'm thinking about doing 1 of the following thing, please advice what is better. 1)...
  3. Y

    Finding the source of a redirect

    There's someone sending traffic to my website and I suspect that they're doing something fishy because the traffic is very low quality. I can only see their referral link which is a redirect, so that doesn't prove anything. Is there a way for me to find the websites that the redirect link is...
  4. G

    Are tag clouds bad for SEO?

    Hello, I have a tag cloud on my website which displays the 50 most popular tags used. Would the search engines consider this keyword stuffing since each tag is displayed as a link on every Wordpress post and page? Would removing the tag cloud widget improve SEO? Thanks...
  5. S

    Its posible to drop Cookie with a flash video ?

    Hey mate, well the question is preatty simple , someone tried this ? Couse i some forum let u post swf , well , allowed the "[swf]" tags. There is any way , something like the flash method does ? . any idea ?
  6. ChanzGrande

    PotPieGirl keyword stuffing?

    Hey Blackhats, Can anyone tell me why potpiegirl is stuffing keywords, and Natasha Bedingfield lyrics on the main page of her site at I was conducting some research, and went to see what that slide up ad was at the bottom of the page, but I noticed a shit ton of crap...
  7. V

    multiple recipient to affiliate cookie stuffing question

    I was curious if anyone knows what happens in the event that a person has multiple cookie stuffs on their computer from different black hatters when they purchase from the same affiliate , do both get commission, or none, or does the latest cookie overwrite the other? Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. ikanz

    JV For...Who Are Serious About IM..!!

    Hello BHW, To those of who know me i used to stuff egay auctions and am very well versed with all aspects of earning from egay. i am looking for JV with 10 people who i will mentor to earn from epn. i will not be taking people more then 10. you dont need to have any experience as i would...
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