stream farm

  1. Rufelweuw

    Good evening

    Could you please tell me if the cryptostreams are still alive?
  2. G

    Need Farm for Fortnite

    Wondering if anyone has a bot farm that can boost the engagement of a creative map in Fortnite?
  3. A

    Streaming Farm technic and best method of Proxy to use!

    Hi everyone! I am currently working on a streaming farm project and i am looking to start with 200 android devices. Based on my research, the most important key section of a music streaming farm is an IP Addresses. I don't want to use a VPN, I plan to use residential IPs and i am thinking of...
  4. TheBotMedia

    What Is The Best Proxy For A Click Farm?

    Currently using Local Proxy but its not working for my needs. Does anyone have an alternative? UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH is Mandatory please.
  5. TheBotMedia

    Looking For Unlimited Bandwidth Proxy!

    looking for a proxy service that can handle my click/stream farm. proxy need to be compatible with physical Android devices, feel free to share url or links.
  6. TheBotMedia

    I Need Unlimited Bandwidth Proxy!

    currently using Local Proxy but would like a different company, my stream/click farm is at a level that would need a service that can handle the capacity of 500 devices.
  7. TheBotMedia

    I Need Unlimited Bandwidth Proxies! (residential only)

    Local Proxy is a great site and has the best prices I seen so far but it cant keep up with my click/stream farm. can someone point me to the right direction? currently only using it with 30 devices and I'm already having issues. need an alternative ASAP!
  8. TheBotMedia

    Stream/ Click Farm HELP!

    currently working on a 500 device stream/click farm for YouTube and I had everything working and about 2 days ago the views stopped registering after 2 months. I already cleared cache, download and redownload YT. what can it be? proxies? Youtube app? any suggestions?
  9. P

    Spotify farm

    hello I'm looking to start my new Spotify farm cause Spotify blocked me twice, I have premium account, a computer h24 on, I need proxy and I don't know what else, can someone help me? maybe we can collaborate!
  10. TheBotMedia

    (STREAM FARMING HELP) Views not registering or disappearing.

    I have everything ready to go for stream farming with 100s of androids but the views are not staying. I already set up a VPN (Nord vpn) to my router and it is still coming to the same issue. Proxies and residential IPs are way too expensive to keep up with and I'm looking for alternatives. ps...
  11. N

    Spotify streaming bot

    Hello , For the past 8 months me and my team have been working on developing a Spotify streaming bot. It’s finally out and tested on dummy account. Works like a miner. Any suggestions on what to do next ?
  12. Upgrade your spotify account at $30 only.png

    Upgrade your spotify account at $30 only.png

    Upgrade your spotify account at $30 only ! Resellers Welcome ! Please contact for bulk purchase discount ! CONTACT skype: live:.cid.1a8a53c7dd9cecfb telegram: discord: #hqaccc email: [email protected] Or live chat on-site PM on BHW
  13. M

    Amazon/spotify/apple music farm streaming

    Hello, I have family plans and individual plans on Amazon Music but they stopped counting 1 month ago (before everything was fine) and I use less than 15k a month, any ideas? I use residential IP with 4G but it has only happened to me on Amazon, I create new accounts and nothing continues the...
  14. V

    stream farming

    Hi all, I'm new on my stream farming journey.. I just wanted to know, for the people that chose tunecore as a distributor, i believe its against Payoneer's TOS to have multiple Payoneer accounts linked to the same paypal. How do you get passed this when having multiple tunecore accounts? Since...
  15. M

    Nice to meet everyone, I follow back….

    Hi everyone, I recently became very interested in the vast world of botting and stream farming. I have a music publishing and distribution company. I learned in the last past 5 years, if you SPIN your Material you can Quadruple your pay out, while keeping each song well under 3k a day. So I...
  16. MR GURKO

    Amazon Music Stream Farm

    Hello everybody, For a while, I've been trying to decide on the streaming platform that would bring me the most income. And I realized that for me Amazon Music is the best. But I have a few questions on my mind. I would be very happy to get answers from people who have improved themselves in...
  17. J

    AIOStream Proxies

    Hey guys, I started using AIOStream recently and am trying to buy 100 proxies for 100 accounts. Are datacenter dedicated proxies good? For example, and have cheap proxy prices, and when I use them the streams show up on distrokid. I understand 4G Mobile are the best...
  18. T

    DK Updates. What's happening to distrokid?

    Hello I open this thread to discuss and share about Distrokid's updates to all the stream farmers out there in the game. As of today... ⬇️ I have been using Distrokid for almost 2 years, at first i started with fiver music, then switched to AI. Started to have problems to upload since a couple...
  19. A

    What Proxies to Use For Spotify Stream Farms?

    Hey guys I’m newer to this world to forgive me if anything I say is stupid or redundant. I have spent the last week or so looking through this for him to try and find an answer but I couldn’t, atleast not a full one. In 2023 what proxies are you guys using for stream farming? I am planning on...
  20. T


    Hi World Have anyone found a solution, why youtube stopped counting streams ? Please reply above if anyone know how to fix this .
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