1. amine0404

    Templates shopify for christmas

    Hello BHW friends i need some help pls. I search for a christmas theme for my shopify store any suggestion ? :)
  2. C

    Some problems encountered by woocommerce dropshipping newbies

    Hello everyone, I am new to BHW and new to dropshipping My English is not very good, please forgive me if the problem description is not good 1. Should I enable "Allow customers to place orders without an account" in "Accounts & Privacy" in woocommerce? 2. Should I enable reviews on my store...
  3. Banik_Babe

    Finding a digital product to sell online{HELP}

    I know you'll say if you would know the answer you would have set up a store by now. But Still... I'm looking to set up a store and sell some digital goods. It a very good and easy way to makemoney. I already have a store that sells a product but I want to add more products. The best thing...
  4. verwest

    create a store on instagram

    Hello, how did this account do this? As far as I can see Amazon does affiliate marketing but Instagram doesn't approve of affiliate stores.According to Facebook terms, the buyer must enter the site and purchase this product in order for the store to be approved. Therefore, it does not accept the...
  5. rafark

    This Is You Chance of Selling Your Own WordPress Plugin! - WordPress Plugin Business FOR SALE

    Have you ever wanted to own a Wordpress business other than just a simple blog? How does it sound to own your own WordPress plugin that you can sell directly to customers, without a middle man? I'm selling one of the first plugins I developed and launched to the market. The plugin is live right...
  6. ManageManga

    My FB ads dont add up with my analytics

    Hello there, I am having a weird issue. My client launched FB ads for his store, and the number of clicks shown in his facebook account on those ads dont add up with my analytics. I am using lucky orange (for session recording), Google analytics and Matomo to track users. All of these does not...
  7. RB1993

    So I decided to start my new business

    After thinking a lot and saving money for a few months i decided to open a clothes shop in my country. Ive been learning a lot here and there and i decided toni vest my money on this project. I dont want to do dropshipping but i want to have a physical shop. My next step is to create my own...
  8. smmfactoryy store SEO

    I can do SEO for my shoppy gg store. Experts suggestion needed who already running a store with shoppy gg and got success. Thanks
  9. BlackSugarz

    Store / Payoneer

    hello, I am searching for store so i can sell my digital accounts there they can pay by( gaypal / cc ) and withdraw it by payoneer something like fiverr i got tired from using gaypal any idea ?
  10. IlyesPoke

    How to Copy a Shopify Store

    Hi ! Would Like to know how to copy a shopify store ? Thanks !
  11. AnoniX

    Dropshipping shop for a attract woman spray/parfume/water?

    Hi, first please understand I never was into dropshipping so I really dont know how it works. I'm just having the perfect traffic in a huge number for that kind of product and also got many contacts to people who would advertise this as affiliates. So is there any producer making this...
  12. L

    need some help in store

    i need little text for these 3 tabs please can some one send it to me Fast Delivery Support Secure Payment
  13. J

    Tips for Creating a Tee Spring Store

    looking for ideas on how best to approach a tee spring build. I have ideas but struggle to get them on paper. very creative thinker, but designer not so much. I know where to get templates for the shirts but what is the best free image editor - one that is super easy to learn (no adobe please).
  14. minorityre

    [JOURNEY] Road to 1000 sales shopify POD niche store. Starting today.

    As the title says. I have been investigating for sometime about making a POD store. I work as a web dev on my own agency and I know how ecommerce works. So lets give it a serious shot and this thing. Im ready to fight. Day 0: - Opened Shopify partner development store and linked expired domain...
  15. Great ruler

    Looking for Website promoter and get orders

    If any one interest ping me
  16. s0heyl

    How to get more traffic for your store?

    Hi im recently opened Shopify website, i tried all the thing that I know to get traffic and sales, but still hasn't got 1 so I have few questions that may you can answer it for me , I already done 30$ on Facebook ads, bought 5 dollars of traffic in BHW market place T I know it's not much...
  17. Vincenzo Udinesi

    WP plugin for selling Digital Products with Membership?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to create a website that can sell Digital Downloads to registered members. The website should also be able to have a dashboard for every registered member where he/she can see the history of their purchases. User can register Can pay Can keep a record of past...
  18. medhman

    Affiliate Store is still working

    Hello Guy's , i'm planing to start an affiliate store but i have no idea if it's still working , i see people works in review affiliate sites and stuff like that with articles ! please anyone had experience with this kind of work and thank you so much .
  19. Alantoni

    Trick to Know if the Product Still have Sales on AliExpress !

    Hello Everyone :), This method for Dropshippers to know if the product still got sales or not on AliExpress : 1- First you will login with your account with AliExpress and click to this keyword to go to the page (Dropshipper Center) 2- Second: Complete this steps ... 3- Now Follow This...
  20. kurosaki4d

    Shopify store speed optimisation

    Hello guys, I'm trying to improve the speed of my shopify store, however i compressed the size of the images, i removed entirely some scripts that were loading in the homepage and yet, the score in Pageinsight and Gtmetrix never seem to change a bit. Why is that ? When i tried to hire someone...
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