1. drums

    What do you think about uranium stocks?

    Hello, has anyone invested in uranium stocks? I read some articles on Reddit. After Russia cut off the gas, European countries and other countries started to turn to nuclear energy. Many countries have started to build sites for new nuclear power generation and are planning to do so in the long...
  2. alurosu

    Where can I short the Russian Ruble?

    I've searched a lot of websites and I could not find where to short the Russian national currency. Most of the apps froze the option since the war started. Why I want to do that? This should explain it: I'm from Europe. The platform should work in Europe. Any ideas?
  3. KingyOfficial

    Twitter is working on an edit button, Elon Musk is going CRAZY!

    According to Business Insider, during the first few months of 2022, billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk quietly spent over $2.6 billion on Twitter stock. As a result, he's now the largest single shareholder of Twitter, with over 9% of the company's stock in his portfolio. When it comes to Twitter...
  4. treehorngroup

    Is this considered spam?

    So I have a financial blog with about 200k pageviews a month and I wanted to introduce this type of stock info pages to my website: Basically I would be adding one page for every stock...
  5. C

    We'll all become poorer in 2022 - according to Mike Novogratz

    Dear Blackhatworld veterans and newbies, Mike Novogratz gave out an interview recently, giving a not-so-optimistic view on 2022. Due to the FEDs endless orgies of spending money it prints out of thin air and having shot all the ammunition they have, 2022 might be a year on the defense. "As...
  6. Conjecting

    Anybody here invested in AMC?

    Been steadily increasing my position since Febuary, and was just wondering if anybody else here is involved with the movement. Obviously been a rough week for the stock, but I'm hodling strong.
  7. P

    $100k to $1million trading stocks, fx, futures and crypto

    Hi, I have been on and off bhw for over 10 years lurking. Made some money back in the days with IM but then moved onto other things like trading. I want to share my journey here to document my trading journey to learn from my mistake and document what I did right. And also learn from you guys...
  8. komo22

    Investing & Youtube Journey to 7 Figures

    Between these multiple investment streams and a YouTube channel updating the status on them, lets see how long it takes me to reach 7 figures as well as a monetizable YouTube channel. Stock Market (Taxable & Retirement Account): $91,766 Robinhood (Tecnical Trading): $2,515 Wealthfront...
  9. Toz

    [!?] WTF @ Robinhood :mad:

    Uhh, so I just randomly received this email: The problem is that I never placed a market order to sell anything. So I Googled it and this sorts of thing seems to happen to a lot of people. This is nuts!
  10. wild vegetable

    [BLOG] 250 Daily Unique Visits | Where's the money?

    I have a blog in the financial sector niche (stock investing, crypto, etc). It is starting to grow but I am not monetizing it yet. Adsense makes no sense at this point (i would make like 4$ a month). Any high-converting affiliate programs to recommend? Any tips welcome!
  11. KingPluto

    Reddit Buzzing Stocks!

    Hello all, and welcome to my first post regarding Reddit Buzzing Stocks! What is it? I have built an AI algorithm which helps me identify the stocks that are most talked about on Reddit investment and trading forums, with the aim of identifying the most hyped and high potential stocks. With...
  12. A

    I am planning on starting a few income streams in 2021 and need some advise.

    I am looking got start 3/4 income streams in 2021 and need some advise about the initial setup. I am looking at starting a stock/crypto portfolio, a blogging site and a POD eCommerce store and hopefully grow into more down the road. I am not sure how to layout the questions, but here goes; 1...
  13. zankocunik

    #BYND IS IT A BUY?????

    Bynd missed earnings for about 600% and the stock is trading at about 120USD in the premarket. Is it a buy when market opens? Can it go any lower?
  14. she40841

    Day Trading Stocks Journey (beginner)

    I'm not sure how well this journey will go but I will use this thread as motivation and try to keep it updated as often as possible. I will share as often as I can my total increase in percentage and maybe some more info, I will update the thread better hopefully tomorrow! The updates will be...
  15. ElGrimm

    [Investment Advice] $25k to spend for long-term of atleast 3-5 years.

    I'm making decent money currently and can comfortably invest $25k someplace for a long term without having to worry about it. I'm willing to take a calculated risk. Besides many conventional ways of investing, crypto is the most exciting kid on the block. But I don't know much about crypto. Not...
  16. Impressor

    Where would you invest $1-2k today?

    If you had a grand or two, and you really could afford to lose it, but at the same time keep your fingers crossed of earning a profit if invested, where would you invest? It could be crypto, stocks, gold, your (or somebody's) venture, gambling, etc. If you really wanna answer, back it with some...
  17. robot2020

    Is Buying IMAX Stock a Good Idea?

    I am thinking about buying $25,000 worth of IMAX stocks. Is it a good idea? In what forums, reddits and websites can I ask this? Thanks!
  18. Rey Roy

    Banks are the weak point of this economy..

    Banks are the weak point of this economy.. You bring them 1k in savings, they have rights (given them by the governments) to give 30k in loans away, based on your 1k. It means that they just made 29k from the thin air, while you had to work hard to earn that 1k... I call it the Ghost Money...
  19. JohnyMSF

    Royal Mail stocks - investment opportunity?

    Hello, I don't do trading at all (only crypto) but if you are interested in this area, take a look at Royal Mail's stocks. Based on what is happening last days (strikes etc) looks like stocks are at the bottom. So take a look at, maybe you will find it as good opportunity. Hope you will...
  20. addictedtolearning

    Selling Trading Courses

    Hey all, So, I've been fortunate enough to come across a stock and crypto trading mentor. He's been doing it full time almost 2 decades, and the methods I've learned from him aren't ones you just find on the internet. On top of that, I've gotten upwards of $50,000 worth of courses from him...
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