1. N

    Is there anyone who makes YT video 2 text & AI -> content sites to make money?

    Hi Blackhattis, Just wondering as I haven't found anything. So the idea is simple: 1. YT videos with a topic -> transcript 2. Transcript summary via AI + some pictures 3. Own content site with these summaries (automation .... fast timing for publishing & so on....) 4. monetisation Is...
  2. S

    Steal Website Traffic

    Hi guys, I know there is a service like this but i'm not sure where to find it. Say a customer types in e.g, I want X amount of people per day (the amount I paid for) to be automatically redirected to my website. Who offers this "hijacking traffic" service? Thanks
  3. B

    Is it possible to steal website design?

    Hey, is it possible to go on a website like Facebook for instance and completely duplicate it? I'm not talking about Facebook specifically though, it's something much simpler. How much would something like this cost if I got someone to do it?
  4. M

    IMport cookies into firefox

    Hello i recently bought an account from a jackass on this forum ebay.stealthman He blocked me and refused to help and blew up on me as if he is bipolar off a simple question about how to get started, he called me fucking rude and all this just ebcause i asked some basic questions. i guess he...
  5. gman777

    Can I legally steal this video?

    Hey guys. So I'm planning to use a youtube video testimonial from someone else. Can I get in legal trouble, considering that I'll embed it into a page and make it unlisted? So it wont rank in google, bing nor youtube. If the owner finds that video, can I get sued? Also can I use his comments...
  6. gman777

    Testimonial video for my lander

    I found a nice testimonial video on youtubeabout a product I'm promoting. I'm promoting using bing traffic. Question: is it ok if I embed that video in my lander? Or if I reupload it again on youtube but unlisted?
  7. A

    Hello everyone i want to tell you about user BdicOne freelancer on many site

  8. M

    What's up?

    How is it going? I'm glad to now be a part of this forum! To introduce myself; I talk too much.
  9. J

    Any way to auto import blog posts? or news posts. ??

    Hi Black Hatters. Thanks for the invite, I am new here and I have a question. Is there any way to take from a wordpress site or a blog , who updates their site. What I mean, is just automatically take or jack the content basically. Step 1. I make a website 2. Make the page titles 3. Content...
  10. N

    [How To] Steal linkjuice

    Here's a tip to "steal" link-juice from deleted social accounts or blogs! This is my first contribution to BHW, i hope you like it! ;) Here's how you do it: 1. Find a Social Site, Forum, or blogging platform. I Picked for this example (but there are hundred of sites that you can...
  11. M

    STEAL Youtube Traffic From People Caught Slipping!

    Just another outside the box method that you guys should keep your eyes open for when doing whatever it is you do on Youtube. Step 1: Browse older videos (preferably 1 year or older) Step 2: Make sure the video has a link Step 3: Click The Link To Check if anyone still owns the domain or if its...
  12. R

    What'd YOU Do if Ur Article was Copied?!

    OK. What would you do if your article was copied. Or you have a forum that writes articles, topics about internet marketing, etc. Then you spot a blog that have most of your stuff copied and paste. How would you go about solving this? I'd like to start a forum to write inside stuff about...
  13. S

    Free Wreathe, Well It Is Nearly Xmas...

    Am Gunna Walk You Through This, Its An Old School But Still Works!! 1) goto 2) Choose your wreate (dont go for the $1mil cart) 3) add address 4) check out (you'll have a load info to fill in) 5) when you get here STOP...
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