startup website

  1. Niffler99

    Hello from Canada. Here to learn, meet ppl & grow marketing/SEO skills

    Hello all, My name is Geo, hailing from Canada. Found the BHW site about 4 or 5 days ago and found myself coming back over and over. Finally decided to open an account. I am both a multiple tech startup founder and advisor/EIR having worked with 350+ startups/founders in the past 18 months...
  2. discopolis

    Hiring a basic website designer/builder

    Mod Notice Recently we have changed the rules in the Hire a Freelancer and Want to Buy forums. Members who get around these new rules by PM'ing the OP will be given a temporary ban, no exceptions. Please read about these new rules here...
  3. trademysite

    Seeking some robust opinions.

    Hello fellow outliers, Since we are about to launch the beta version of ( Smartest Marketplace to trade Websites and Domains ), we are seeking some robust answers to the following questions? 1. Whether you want to switch to a better platform and why? 2. What should be the ideal...
  4. C

    startup website - blog or regular web page -

    Hey guys, semi noob been using these forums for a while now to learn the ropes and plan to create a mini farm of information websites to generate affiliate/adsense revenue, what i'm wondering about is considering i haven't signed up for adsense yet, CJ/CB, etc, and most of them require a...
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