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Jan 13, 2010
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Hey guys,

semi noob been using these forums for a while now to learn the ropes and plan to create a mini farm of information websites to generate affiliate/adsense revenue,

what i'm wondering about is considering i haven't signed up for adsense yet, CJ/CB, etc, and most of them require a website, i'm wondering what kind of website would be smart to use as a ''base'' website to startup with and use as my signup website for all these networks.

does it really matter the content of this website? could it be a blog? considering all of my websites are going to be really niche i feel like i should be using a blog to sign up to these networks thats less targeted instead of some random info website i'll be using.

not to sure...
using a blog is a good way to start.

yes, you can use a blog as your site. most networks like amazon don't really care about your content.

i like blogs better than sites. they are easier to set up.
thanks for the reply man,

what about adsense? i've heard they're not so open hah.

i'm not just referring to this as my first project, i'm more referring to this as my ''base'' project because i know i'll be running multiple.
Adsense shouldn't have any problems with blogs.

When I first started, I applied to adsense and was using a blog too
Good info, was too scared to put in a blog on the website part thinking I might get banned or something.:p
Well ages ago when I first submitted my adsense application I had a rubbish blog with questionable content (lol..) and it still got approved. Don't worry about it!
(Just make sure it's not porn, or TOO much copyright)
It's funny I have gotten denied by adsense so many times it is very disheartening. Even with not spammy blogs I have been denied...
is it really that hard to get approved for an adsense account? I know people who had a crappy website with generic content and they still got approved, they used a blogspot page also.
Using a blog should get you approved. Don't they have an application link on the site somewhere? (been a while since I was on Blogger)
Learn how to create a proper website and you will understand fast how crappy is a blog.
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