ssl effect

  1. akshay_saini

    About Google and SSL

    Hello everybody, Do you have any idea if google treats SSL types in a different manner? For example, if a website has an EV SSL, is it more trusted than a similar one having a DV SSL? I personally noticed some indexing changes during EV. However, I see that Chrome doesn't even show the...
  2. Rohini Singh

    How much does SSL effects the ranking in 2018?

    i don't have ssl for my tech niche site can anyone tell me how to how much does it goona increase my ranking if i starting using .
  3. elias880810

    FREE SSL + Green Bar in 5 minutes With Cloudfare 2018

    Hi guys, I guess some of you already know about this option, but for those who do not, here is this tutorial to get an SSL + green lock for free. If you want a FREE SSL certificate, reliable and easy to configure, I recommend CLoudfare, you can set it up in 5 minutes and also add the green lock...
  4. akash0001

    Effect on Ranking after adding SSL

    Having issue in sitemap. one page indexed out of 14 after four days. I was doing work on without SSL website. Will it effect on my ranking?