ssl certificates

  1. MrDenz

    Letsencrypt & Namecheap SSL

    I just got a fresh domain and hosting and I was not even paying attention because I'm with NameCheap since 2012 and I'm sure it was always free SSL (I might be wrong), and as order details hit my mail, there was no SSL included in all these. The thing is, it is not a problem to pay extra...
  2. lewo

    SSL Certificates

    Hi BHW, I know there are a few SSL providers and they offer discounted first year but then the price always goes up loads. What do you pay now for your SSL? Where do you get them from? How many sites? Thanks, Aspg
  3. akshay_saini

    About Google and SSL

    Hello everybody, Do you have any idea if google treats SSL types in a different manner? For example, if a website has an EV SSL, is it more trusted than a similar one having a DV SSL? I personally noticed some indexing changes during EV. However, I see that Chrome doesn't even show the...
  4. ReliableSEOGuy

    Can't access cPanel but need SSL Certificate

    I can't log into my goDaddy cpanel hosting bc of the 2 way verification (I'm in a country where my sim card provider has no partner -> can't receive sms). The 2 way verification fucked me over several times already... :( I need to activate Stripe, this is why I wanted to buy the SSL Certificate...
  5. shafi432

    23,000 SSL Certificates to be Revoked Within Next 24 Hours

    More than 23,000 SSL certificates that purchased through the reseller Trustico will be revoked today. The entire saga starts on February 2nd, 2018 when Trustico reached out to Digicert for mass revocation. “Trustico not has provided any details how the private key leaked or how did they acquire...
  6. N

    Can u please provide more info on SSL ?

    Hi Guys, Can u please provide more info on SSL ? where to get a cheap but essential SSL certificate for my domain name, Can I install myself or i need a freelancer to do so, will affect my site seo and ranking, will have to verify my website with google search console and Google analytic...
  7. A

    SSL certificate

    Hi, just wondering if all SSL certificates, cheap ones and free especially, will provide a https url for that domain? I mean, the https green background url looks really nice, however I have no experience on how to achieve this. And there are some free SSL certificates out there. Do you have to...
  8. I

    SSL certificates for Shared hosting VS. VPS...

    Is there any particular reason that would make an SSL certificate for a basic VPS cost more than getting one for a basic shared hosting account?
  9. S

    SSL CertiFicate Hack

    I just got one hack in one of the cheap ssl certificate provider ( If you visit the site & buy RapidSSL Certificate it will cost you $17.95 as a normal customer. But if you will join their partner program and register as reseller, then the same Certificate will cost you $13.95...