1. lyme

    Best Proxy Software?

    Recently i've been using SQUID for my projects, but squid has its limits and isn't the best for IPV6 networks, any alternatives? (my target is to host Ipv6 proxies)
  2. P

    Setup IPV6 Proxy services

    Hi, I'm currently working on setting up DC proxy service with IPV6. Setting up the IPV4 proxy works perfectly but somehow IPV6 is not working. I'm using squid proxy on a ubuntu server (Digitalocean). See config file attached It is possible to connect to the ipv6 address by using telnet...
  3. LuckyAIO

    Developer needed to build scripts to create proxies using HAPROXY or SQUID [advanced expertise required]

    Hello This system will allow me to create proxies after connecting servers / subnets through an admin panel accessible only by me and those who have the password. (very simple website). A REST APIs should be created to hook up with any frontend. A lot of features must be included: ● Supports...
  4. S


    I've done a proxy setup from ipv4 to ipv6 with 3proxy.but it is immediately detected that I am behind the proxy.How can I anonymize the ipv6 proxy?Please help me. I've been trying to set up a decent ipv6 proxy server for months.
  5. S

    Please Help Me (About Squid İpv6 Proxy Server)

    i want to set up proxy server.ipv4 to ipv6 with squid. Required to set up account for instagram. Although I have been struggling for months, I can not.This was the last point I could come to: As you can see, both my ipv4 address and my ipv6 address are visible.The squid.conf file looks like...
  6. S

    Help About Squid

    I want to set up a proxy from ipv4 to ipv6, but when I log into whatismyipaddress.com, both my ipv4 and ipv6 addresses are visible.I took a sample picture.If you want, I can throw the squid.conf file
  7. S

    How to Setup HTTP İpv6 Proxy Server

    ipv4--->ipv6 http.I want to setup a proxy server.I tried with squid and 3proxy but it didn't.I need it for bot operations.so they didn't work.can you tell me how to setup it?
  8. J

    How to make Proxies with Squid on a VPS with a /24 Subnet (IP Range)

    Hello, there are lots of tutorials on how to make proxies with squid given additional IPs but i wanted to know if there is a way (and if pls point me to the direction) to configure a whole subnet on a VPS. I already got the /24 Subnet and the KVM I heard something about configuring the /24 mask...
  9. lord_of_dragon

    How to Setup Your Own Proxy Server Using Debian-9 64X[No Hoax]

    I dont want talk to much but this is works and I want to share it for you all. If its work, thats because of blackhatworld.com just gave me a chance to learning in this beloved forum and all of you my friends! #Noted - This is only for 1 ip proxy for 1 server or 1 VPS,Using the cheap one is...
  10. The Undefined

    2 questions about Squid server on Ubuntu

    Hello guys, I was trying to set up a proxy server using Squid on my ubuntu server, after setting the basics up I'd like to ask a question about something which aren't work quite right: When I'm trying to connect to the proxy for the first time, even when I provided the password using the System...
  11. I

    squid openvpn

    Hi anyone can help me about squid config I bought vpn from nordvpn, and i got a lot ovpn file, how to config squid so i can using random ovpn file every request . The diagram is like this PC > squid > openvpn > internet
  12. thecoolhascome

    Need help making squid proxies

    Hello all, I currently have a /25 IPv4 subnet and i am working on making proxies out of all IP's on one VPS with squid. So i figured out how to get multiple proxies with each IP on one server, and I now m stuck because I need help making each proxy have a different user/pass auth. here is...
  13. Navithecat

    How to create proxies with ip's and my own server?

    Hello, I would like to make my own proxies.. So I searched a lot of things on google, youtube and even black hat world. But I'm stuck in making proxies with my own server and ip's on centos 7 I bought ip's from luminati and made my own server using amazon EC2 and google cloud Platform. I tried...
  14. alex7979

    problem with squid proxy, help pls

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help, the problem is I have a vps with centos 6 with a squid installed server, I had worked very well for several months but has several days that some pages end up not load or if they are all misconfigured as text only, I'm no expert I just like to...
  15. itsjinx

    WTB - Undetectable Private Proxy IPs or VPNs

    Does anyone know where to buy proxy IP's or VPN's that are not easily detectable as being a proxy? I have tried many services on here including most of the popular services but all of the IP addresses that they sell are already known as part of a proxy network and just typing any of the IP's...
  16. tech4816

    Squid Proxy Invalid username or password

    I purchased 90% off proxies from Squid Proxy few hours ago. I am getting invalid username and password error in both browser proxy login and proxy manager application. What to do? I had entered these details given below. Login Details Username/Password: username / password
  17. K

    Squid Proxy Review

    I tested for the last few months many proxies providers to get the best results in my SEO tools like, Money Robot or Senuke XCr and so far Squid are the best. Check success rate for my recent Senuke campaign. I'm impressed how fast and reliable they are. You should definitely try them.
  18. $

    I will pay or exchange something if someone helps me install squid.

    Hi guys, I have a place where you can get 20 ips and a VPS for a nice $5/month. If someone teaches me to install squid I will exchange the place for where you can get these ips and I will give you my limited traffic ebook that I personally made. If you don't want these I can pay you $5 instead...
  19. N

    tutorial setting squid on your vps for proxy

    Hi, This is my very first contribution in this forum. I just finished setting squid on my vps linux box. Just to remind myself, I write the steps on my blog. I share here because most of you need good proxy just like me ;) Here is the link...
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