1. mrgeorge

    domainbig data alternative ..??

    Hi Guys , iwant to search for the same site by the same owner , iwas using domainbigdata , but it not working anymore, is there any alternative?
  2. Ikaz Elkazeer

    How to Spy on your competitors

    For those who don't know, you can see the ads your competitors are running using facebook ad library. Step 1: Just google "facebook ad library", Step 2: select "all ads" Step 3: Type your competitor's page name and select the right one from the options it shows you Step 4: Muse "So this is what...
  3. ImNotYourz

    Think of the possibility....

    So I have been doing affiliate marketing for nearly 15 years now, so I am not new to "how it works" But something crossed my mind, something dark..... Is there a way we can see what affiliates are doing to promote a product? For example say "click wealth system" on clickbank. Can we find...
  4. Apounéré

    Wtf is going on between Google and Facebook?

    Few minutes ago i searched something on google and clicked on a link to a website. After reading till the end, i closed my navigator (chrome) then launched the Facebook app to check what's new. After scrolling a little i came across and ad about the website i just visited on chrome. I was...
  5. P

    Facebook Ad Spy Tools Bundle?

    Hi, I'm looking for websites where you can buy 1 membership that give you access to multiple facebook ad spy tools (like adSector or other tools). Could you please recommend the websites you know? thanks!
  6. A

    How to hide your backlinks in Ahrefs and Majestic?

    Hi, So basically i don't want my competitors to be able to spy on my website using SEO tools and get my backlinks. how can I prevent this? What if I block all the SEO bots like ahrefsbot from my site. Will this prevent any back links to my website from showing up? Or do I have to put ahrefbot...
  7. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Shop Safe This Holiday Season

    Teddy bears that connect to the internet. Smart speakers that listen to commands. Great gifts—unless they spy on you. https://foundation.mozilla.org/en/privacynotincluded/
  8. ShiningWarrior

    You think our privacy is at stake when we use Win 10?

    Hi, I was just searching on the topic because when Win 10 came out in 2015, many were concerned about this and I just found out that people still have concerns about the privacy thing. MS says they are taking it one step AHEAD here...
  9. ShiningWarrior

    BHW: Ads Help us run this site

    So, IP, OS, Web pages, Apps are every data is collected when we visit your site from yesterday? Why? How does storing "our" info by you and your "pre-selected" companies help you run this site? Oh, let me see if I got this correctly - When you mean "pre-selected companies accessing and using...
  10. B

    Facebook Ad Spying

    Hi Can you advice me a reliable facebook ad spying tool. Not only showing their ads but show which works better. Maybe also give some insight about target audience ? Also a similar tool for google ads can be useful too.
  11. SpawneR

    [TUT] How to spy on your competitors for free!

    Hello guys, since i'm part of this amazing community for a long time (mainly just reading and learning) i decided to give something back for all members here. I learned a lot from you guys, it really changed my life, so this is only small share compared to what i learned and got from you! 1...
  12. hellonwheels

    How Do I Spy On Competitors Backlinks...Just Ones That Google Knows About?

    I want to spy on my competitor's backlinks and do some reverse-engineering. I also want to see how many of my own backlinks Google "Really" sees for my sites. Google's "link:" command only shows a small amount of backlinks, so Google does not let you know all of the backlinks that it has...
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