1. absolvo

    [SEO Journey] Handwritten Content + Cloaked Spam

    Hey aliens, this absolvo and I read a ton of journey threads and I think it's time to start my own journey thread. I've been planning this for some time and I think a journey thread is a great way to keep me accountable. The plan will be to create a "base" website that will -HOPEFULLY- rank...
  2. mam4q

    Monetising Splog Traffic

    For the past 18 months I've been doing OK with Splog to Adsense (clickjacking / baiting) but this has now died for me - so I have around 3K/day uniques from my splogs, in a variety of niches, which I want to monetise so I'm looking for pointers, suggestions, ideas etc. Currently I'm testing a...
  3. MDSOperandi

    Splogging or Auto blogs?

    Hi all, if anyone has auto-blogs or splogs that they own and are interested in allowing me to leverage my ClickBank Pop-up software - cbpopper.com (BST here - although it is now free) on let me know. The cbPopper software has done so well that I have run out of sites to run it off and I need...
  4. B

    Akismet detect the spinning from scrapebox

    I buy few days ago scrapebox in order to give juice to some splogs. I bought 10 private proxy on YPP and a VPN. Before starting I really wanted to understand how was Akismet working because I focus on commentluv. So i buy a .info install wordpress on it and did some test on the SLOW POSTER mode...
  5. R

    massive site building - lots of content - what to use?

    I want to build 100 big sites with tons of content that comes from DB. I was thinking about blogging platforms, but how? Is LFE the answer? can it get content straight from DB? - 100 sites x 1000 longtail KW - they will get traffic and make some money adbrite or CPA offers - cloaked - lots of...
  6. R

    I want to start building my SEO empire - suggestions please

    HI I've been building money sites for the last months but most of them do not rank well enough (some of them are in page 1) but I hate link building. So I decided I will start building an SEO empire for link laundering and more... My goal is to get a million pages indexed by the end of 2010. I...
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