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Feb 15, 2022
Hey aliens, this absolvo and I read a ton of journey threads and I think it's time to start my own journey thread.

I've been planning this for some time and I think a journey thread is a great way to keep me accountable.

The plan will be to create a "base" website that will -HOPEFULLY- rank after building at least 200 articles and then build spam blogs that will bring traffic to the "base" website.

Then, after some time leaving the 200-articles site up and running, some pages will start ranking and I will build a pbn targeting those pages to HOPEFULLY get them to page 1.

Simple plan:
-Build 200 articles on BASE website
-Build spam blogs to bring traffic to BASE website
-Once BASE website starts ranking, build a PBN to pages ranking
-SPAM Social Media to bring even more traffic

This a site I have which traffic comes 99% from the spam blogs, but it's making peanuts as it's a low RPM niche.


I'm planning to replicate this in a HIGH CPC niche, where with that small traffic I could make some decent change.

The goal is 100,000 unique users a month, which would probably earn around $2k-$3k a month in revenue AT LEAST.

I plan to monetize this site with CPA offers and adsense. Why adsense? because they pay really big in HIGH CPC niches.

The goal is to have the site ready with 20-30 articles before submitting it to adsense and cpa networks for approval.

The 200 articles I should achieve them in 6 months or less. I will be rewriting the top ranked content in my niche as though even my site doesn't rank, my spam blogs can bring traffic and conversions as well as my spamming social media.

How do I plan on spamming social media?

Well, I do sell some stuff in facebook and I've learned quite a few things I will implement to bring this site traffic and conversions.

To achieve $3k per month, at a $5 CPC, I would need at least 600 clicks a month, which is 20 clicks daily. And at a 1% CTR, I would need roughly 60k clicks a month to reach that, so 100k clicks is a really good target to achieve $3k a month.

At the end I will be selling the site, but I want to achieve at least 60k users a month before considering selling this site :)

I will be updating daily.
That's a good plan and you seem to have experience in doing it.
Let's see how it goes until you succeed.
Best of luck op
I've heard that there are companies that pay more for high cpc niches than adsense. When you come to 100k traffic, you should look at companies like adthrive, mediavine.
good luck mate , following
Will those blogs will have dedicated domain or like Web 2.0s
My own fresh domain, no backlinks,, just plain domain

On what planet are you from? good luck to you anyway!
Planet Jupiter, sir

I've heard that there are companies that pay more for high cpc niches than adsense. When you come to 100k traffic, you should look at companies like adthrive, mediavine.
good luck mate , following
Yeah, I guess it will be all about testing

Do you plan to write the 200 articles on own or buy them ?
I plan to write them myself :)
Sorry for not updating this thread guys.

Literally, the day after posting this thread, I felt really bad due to food poisoning :/

So, I haven't been able to work on this, but hopefully tomorrow or by thursday im good and get to the grind :)
Finally feeling a lot better. Will get to this asap. This should be fun :)
Hey guys, finally feeling like new again at 100% :)

Really funny how I started this thread the day before I started feeling like shit lol.

Anyway, I will be doing keyword research before I start writing articles.

I will get to 20-30 articles before I start applying to networks so I can start monetizing the site to get every $$ I can from the traffic that will start to come :)

For social media spam, I will need to have been accepted by the networks as without monetization, bringing traffic from social media is useless.
What cloaker are you using for the spam blogs?
hey guys, so I got a few thousand keywords in my niche and so I will start rewriting articles.

The goal is to get 20-30 articles before I start signing up to cpa networks, start the spam blogs and social media spam.

I think that my rewritten articles will never rank, but I will write them good enough to get accepted in networks and to get conversions from traffic from spam blogs and social media spam.

It will probably take me anywhere from 5 to 15 days to rewrite 20-30 articles.

I'll try to make them at least 1k words, which is enough to get a conversion from readers.

I'll update at night on how many articles I got done. Will keep uppdating until all articles are done.
An idea just came to me...

I know for a fact, that my site WILL NEVER rank without insane amount of backlinks in this niche I'm targeting, so what if instead of rewriting articles, I just copy articles that are currently ranking (AND BANKING HARD) and just monetize them using my affiliate links.

After all, my site WILL NEVER rank in serps due to the insane competition in this niche and the traffic will be coming from spam blogs + social media spam.

So, why not, instead of posting low-quality rewritten content, why just not copy the exact same HIGH-QUALITY articles and just focus on bringing as much traffic as I can to maximize the revenue?

I mean, it would be like copying a landing page and run it with your own offers, like in the PPC world.

Because, reality is that my niche is insanely competitive and I will NOT be able to rank without a few million bucks in backlinks, but I might still get 1-2 clicks from serps IF AT ALL, due to the copied content.

But in the other hand, if I want to sell the site in the future, I guess content will have to be unique in order to attract a buyer... But also, maybe I could run the site with copied content until I'm ready to sell it and then change the copied content to unique content?!

This way I truly only focus on the spamblogs and social media spam as I know I won't rank at all.
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