1. superscraper

    Randomize or Diversify?

    I was told the random number generator, like used for timing of posts, relies on noise from 5:1 signal to noise ratio of chips. But not for spun content, it's all a round robin of synonyms and examples, with some permutations and re-ordering. Is it possible to diversify or pattern-match the...
  2. homeriscool

    Building & Ranking a new Website Using a High Quality Spintax (spun content) + BHW Link Building Services

    Hey all, this is my first journey thread on the forum. I've built a few "whitehat" sites over the years and had very good results but I've never built a "blackhat" site....so here it goes. I will be using The Best Spinner for writing my spintax. I will be using the following method for...
  3. kurosaki4d

    How to know if Article is Spinned?

    Hello, I have a writer that delivered some materiel, and i found some duplicate content in the article, he delivered under one day which is very unusual, so i'm suspecting maybe he's using a spinning tool. Is there a way to know if someone has spun an article? Any tool or site for that...
  4. G

    URGENT: GSA SER and GSA Content Generator Consultant

    Need a a PAID CONSULATION of 30-60 minutes to start with and multiple further ones if I get contract extension:: My client does not accept paid lists from 3rd parties, he wants them personally generated and checked by me. He also wants longer articles with contextual links. I have all of...
  5. forwardedlandlines

    Will (AI Based) paraphrasing pass Google's copyright algorithms?

    So I've been considering, as a programmer, making a paraphraser that rearranges sentences (taking grammar into account), ex: The blog dog is sitting on the bench, becomes, On the bench, sitting, is the dog that is blue. Would this, in combination with exchanging synonyms and possibly some other...
  6. ContentWriter

    The Unending Battle Between Spinners and Human Rewriters

    Google "article spinners" and you will surely get loads of tools that promise great results. For me, nothing beats a rewrite done by an actual writer. What am I talking about? You can spin or rewrite to create a whole new content out of an old one by using synonyms to replace phrases. This...
  7. high mike

    Do websites with spun content rank?

    I've recently been doing extensive research on article spinning software, since I'm not a writer. The one i've been reading the most about is wordai. Does anybody use spinning software for your main website? if so what program would yall recommend thanks
  8. PandaBusters

    How do I upload 1,000 files from folder to directory

    I have 1,000 spun cvs to html articles in a sub-folder I want to upload to a bb/Buddy Press forum, as 25 replies to each topic or post, and create a linear list of 1,000 pages side by side. Is there a plugin for that, or how can I use scrapebox? How do I do this?
  9. S

    Black Hat SEO Techniques

    Hi everyone !!! I create this post to speak about black hat SEO Techniques, because if you want to improve your knowledges, we have to discuss!!! FEEDBACKS, EXPERIENCES ARE SO IMPORTANT. Therefore, I would like to invite you, to discuss about your different Black Hat SEO strategies such as...
  10. homeriscool

    Advanced article spinning question - The Best Spinner

    Hey guys, ive been doing some advanced article spinning using The Best Spinner and it is a tedious boring chore which takes hours and hours and even more hours. Seriously, it takes hours. The purpose for these articles were for web 2 properties. I do have Wordai too but im not impressed with...
  11. Kay$

    *PLEASE HELP - Why won't this spin properly??

    Hi BHW, I've been trying to figure out a solution to the issue I'm dealing with almost for the last 3-days and I still don't know what to do. Here's the just of it, I am setting up a new money site and plan to create multiple posts across a variety of cities/states. Because of the number of...
  12. judaculla

    Looking for Manual Spinning Services

    I'm looking for a provider of manually-spun articles, down to the sentence level, 5 levels deep. A few choice phrases spun would be ideal as well. I don't have any deadlines, as this is an ongoing project. The only requirement I have is that the writer's first spoken language be English. If...
  13. S

    Tier2 Spun Content Hosting

    I want to create some Tier 2 backlinks using spun articles. But I'm not sure where to host them, I've heard of article directories and PBN's but specifically I'm not aware of the suitable directories or blogs where hosting would help me rank. Please help!!
  14. K

    Command line based article spinner for windows?

    Hi, I'm looking for a command line based content spinner. I have a lot of data to be spinned. Subscription type spinners will cost me a lot. Also I need to automate the whole thing so command line is a must. The spinning doesn't have to be that good though. Any ideas?
  15. K

    FCS Networker, got 167 blog network now.. Time for auto content submission: WordAI or KM?

    Some weird spam filter blocks me from posting my question It isn't spam, so i put it on a paste bin ---> h t t p : / / p a s t e b i n . c a / 3 2 1 4 0 4 6
  16. TheGateKeeper

    Spintax Spinner

    Hello guys. I am looking for a tool (preferably free and online) that allows me to generate multiple copies of a Spintax article. I do not want the tool to automatically spin my work; I simply want to generate copies of my article which has already been manually spun. Thanks!
  17. K

    Looking to start an SEO group

    I've always believed that a key to success is to surround yourself with others who have similar goals as you. My goal here is to create a group of 3-5 people that would get together and share ideas about how to get sites ranked and make money online. I believe the benefits of such a group would...
  18. T

    How To Get Unique Articles From Article Builders

    Hey Guys, I am trying to get different articles from Article Builder, but every time i get article, it shows some duplicate content. Can anyone suggest how to get unique and readable articles from Article Builder. Also with TBS how can i spin together 20 different article on same topic to get...
  19. C

    Article Uniqueness

    Hello, I have a question about Article Uniqueness I have Ultimate Demon and The best spinner When I type an article and then spin in in TBS I get an uniqueness level of about 50-65%. However, when I put that same spintax in Ultimate Demon I get an Uniqueness level of 148%. I am also...
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