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  1. D

    Can any PHP Markov libraries from github be used to make an article rewriter/paraphraser?

    I've never used Markov chains before, and I understand that they make spammy content. But, can they be used to rewrite/paraphrase existing content? I installed the Pegasus Python library from HuggingFace, but my server only has a CPU, and with a CPU it can only do about 1,000 words per minute...
  2. D

    Cheapest Spinner APIs for bulk use?

    I know there are sites that offer monthly plans with “unlimited” use, but these have “fair use” type restrictions so I don’t know what the actual price of these would come out to be if you tried to use them with real heavy use. So I would like to know of spinner APIs that have a more well...
  3. codeman1234

    Best service or software to spin content?

    Hello, Just one fast question what spinner you use or what is the best service or website to spin content on 2022?
  4. babelonia

    How to spin good content?

    Hello Guys. I study transportation engineering and all content of my past classes (pdf, slides, articles) are on my school account. All in portuguese language. Do you guys recommend me to spin it to use in a new blog (english language) ? And how to do it? Im thinking about Google Translate +...
  5. Elionell

    How to Grow Wordpress Game site! Help please.

    :(Good day everyone! Am new to web design! Sometime last year, I built a website clashofclansupdate.info with Wordpress. It was all about clash of clans news etc. I got contents and used spinner on some of them, yet AdSense kept saying Scraped content. This year i built a new website with...
  6. Y

    Can Spin Content Win?

    I had this weird question in my mind. Can spin content beat handwritten content in the SERPs for low competition keywords? What are your views?
  7. C

    ISO - Spanish and Italian Spinner Software

    I am trying WordAI in Spanish but it hangs on just 22 words. I have contacted support but in the meantime are there any other good options out there? TIA
  8. Veronique89

    Can WordAI articles be used on tier 1?

    Morning, maybe the most stupid question of today, but still I'm going to ask it :). Can WordAI articles be used on tier 1 or is that completely not done? Thanks in advance for any replies/advice! Have a wonderful Sunday! Regards, Vero
  9. J

    Spin content based on Google spreadsheets / Excel

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create 1000's product descriptions in one time. I manage a large webshop without product descriptions and would like to create an automatic generated text based on product attributes (like color/size/material). Ideally I would like something like this to be...
  10. seotechlab

    Are spin contents good or not ?

    Can someone suggest if spin contents good or not ?
  11. Ryabinchik

    Who wants article spinning for free?

    Hi guys, I am giving away article spinning for free (1 article per member). I use some private software for spinning. If you are interested: please post in this thread; send me PM with any article you wish spinned; don't forget to give me your email. You will receive a *.zip archive...
  12. punksgupta

    >>Get Free Unique Content that Google will love for sure!!<<

    WILL Scrape,Spin,mix ARTICLES along with images,videos and authority link for your keyword. I am doing some beta testing for a tool that I have developed for creating unique content by scraping articles(from article sites), videos(youtube) and images(flickr) and authority links (wikipedia etc)...
  13. B

    Article Spinning Service

    Who can recommend to me a legit article spinning service. Specifically, I want to outsource my article spinning instead of having to do it myself. I already write my own articles but it is too time consuming to spin each article. I want to hire a good quality spinner for a decent price...
  14. J

    Unique Article Creation in 1 Minute!

    Hey, I've got an idea in doing the spinning task for a unique article creation per minute. I use my own synonym to auto rewrite the article into the unique ones and twist with other techniques I found to make the article Unique in the eye of Google. But I could't find any ideas to do the bulk...
  15. S

    Programming - Content spinner

    I have tons of ping.fm, wordpress, posterous, and etc accounts. I would like to submit content from my form, that is spun before going out to these properties. Thanks
  16. Alexfrance

    Does anybody know a good French article spinner software?

    Hi, I am looking for a good French article spinner software as TBS does not support French, and I have a lot of sites in French and I currently shit and piss at manually spinning articles, which I want to automate. My current trick is use MS Word: [ctrl] + [H] and change certain words with a...
  17. SEO20

    Get unlimited rewritten content - instant and 100% unique only $37/month

    Get unlimited rewritten content - instant and 100% unique Stop buying or creating spinned content - there is a smarter way! Lazy man's best weapon for instant success. What is it? The best software on the planet to rewrite an article into 100% unique content with the press of a button...