Can WordAI articles be used on tier 1?


Oct 30, 2017

maybe the most stupid question of today, but still I'm going to ask it :). Can WordAI articles be used on tier 1 or is that completely not done?

Thanks in advance for any replies/advice!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

You can but i guess you shouldn't. Because you want your money site to be worth reading by people and get them interested to buy/click.
Getting handwritten articles won't cost you much. No tool is perfect, you can use WordAI content on tier 2 but not in tier 1! :)
This is the first time I've heard of this tool. So you just add other's content to the tool then it will make another version of it?
What a great tool!
i tried this, wasn't happy at all, have no idea why i bothered.
cancelled it, have sent an email for refund, still no reply
Yes, you can use it. But I think it could be harmful to your website ranking. Nowadays google to check that which type of link you get, Is it really authentic website backlink or not? As per my opinion, you shouldn't use any spun content for tier 1.
Wont even use ir for tier 3 .. total waste of money

If u gonna is use spinner, use spin rewriter. 10000 times cheaper and the difference isn't that much
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