spam comments

  1. Elonmusk420

    How is spam comment work?

    Lately i have so many spam comment got filtered in my website, my web site doesnt even have a comment form. Any idea how its work? the spam comment is, i look it up on google i see so many website got it. any idea?
  2. Nia Jax

    Best WordPress Plugin to Stop Spam Comments

    I usually get so many comments on my WordPress Blog but most of them are totally spamming comments. I don't understand how to stop spamming comments and which one WordPress Plugin should use to stop them. Please suggest.
  3. prashant07

    Spam Comments with Hyperlinks - Advantage/Disadvantage?

    I am getting many spam comments on my website, Can I quick edit these comments and replace spam content with my original relevant comments? Is it good for website content updation/refresh?
  4. Nesh47

    Someone is spam commenting in my Instagram page

    Hey guys, In the past 3 days I see users who post the same comment over and over again on a certain post in my Instagram page. The comment structure looks something like this: "keyword, WWW DOMAIN COM" and its coming from different users with private profiles, same comment on the same post...
  5. ContentWriter

    Problem with Spam Comments

    We all know that comments on our blogs are good, but we still can't help but receive spam comments. I was thinking of blocking the IPs of those who send spam. For now, the comments are set to ask for my approval first so that I could delete them manually. How do you minimize spam comments?
  6. A

    i get lot of spam comments

    Hello Everyone, I have a question & looking for a solution. I get a lot of spam comments, What can i do to stop them ? Waiting for the answers.. Regards, Asath