1. CPUGaming

    Is anyone in Spain?

    With or without S - doesn't matter :D I know that @MisterF, @bluematter and @t0mmy are there, but I am curious as to the other bhw'ers. :) How long have you been there? Have you managed to buy real estate or just renting? What do you like the most about the country?
  2. A

    Content editor (expert) for Affiliate Marketing Media needed

    Hello! I represent one the largest media about affiliate marketing. For now we have 320 000 visitors per month. Also we organize one of the biggest conferences about traffic and moneymaking. Our audience makes money online: in affiliate marketing, website development, YouTube and other sources...
  3. J

    Hello from Spain! - Any Advice????

    I just wanted to introduce myself, although I have been register for few month I havent done it yet, but Im forcing my self to post here everyday from now on, so I can get to the 100 post and enter in the premium club! :D So yeah my name is Jose, I live in Spain and I have been leaning SEO...
  4. lulolulito

    How to pay taxes in Spain with Non-Lucrative Visa?

    Hi folks, We moved to Spain on April 2021, we have a non lucrative visa that doesn't allow us to work in Spain. I own my sites based in the USA for the past 8 years and now I am making an income of $15k per month from all of them. I am not a US citizen, but my wife is, I have citizenship on 2...
  5. kikmebiz

    Best CPA offers for Spain

    Looking for a company that has plenty of offers to target users in Spain... Anyone know? Cheers.
  6. benj_pirate

    Amazon USA, UK, Spain, Latin America Reviews

    Hello all. I'm releasing new kindle and books on amazon and I plan to do so for the next few years to generate my income. I have seen that I needed to get verified reviews to rank and get some organics sales. The book will be priced at 0.99$ and you will have to buy it and then let me a review...
  7. Tibur0n

    Spanish User

    I have been following this forum for some years now, but it is just today that I decided to step up and try it. Also, for buying some stuff to boost my business. Thank you all for making the best IM forum, I have been working in marketing for a few years now, and I believe the quality of this...
  8. LearningForever

    Need Whatsapp number from Spain

    Hey! I need a mobile phone number (virtual) from Spain. It will only be used for WhatsApp and should be operated from a Latin American country (in a phone or PC), any recommendations?
  9. Monsterer

    Lone Wolf Non English blogs|| TLD and CCTLD Extensions| {25% Marked-down Price }

  10. HelloBTCMINER

    Spain worth it???

    hello guys, i am thinking about starting a new project for spanish audience, do you guys think that spanish language audience worth targeting? spain have GDP per capita of USD $26,000 and 35 million internet users. P.S. U.S.A. have 52 million spanish speakers and Spanish language have total...
  11. E


    Hi. I am a boy from Spain and I like technology, comics, magazines, series, music, movies and social media.
  12. Woorex

    Hi from Spain!!

    Hello everyone! I'm 25 years old and I live in Spain. I'm currently starting to work as a SMM reseller, among other things. I've been reading this forum for a while and from today, I want to participate also in it!
  13. E

    Hello from Barcelona

    Hi guys I found your forum browsing through the web and I'm excited of the amount of information and things I can learn here, slowly I hope I can catch up with stuff regarding SEO. I would love to get in contact with SEO pro's that are working in Spain and Spanish market as I think is a...
  14. Remorse

    If you are in Barcelona or Salou, I need your help :D

    So I'm traveling to spain in few days, I saw that weed is legal there, but someone has to refer you to join "social club" or something, but tourists are not that easily accepted etc etc., so what i have to do to buy government weed there? :D
  15. ZevenHoland

    Dropshipping Project

    Hey i am thinking to aim in Dropshipping here in Spain. First of all sorry for my english, it is not my native language. I was reading to many post about dropshipping here in BHW, the plan is to buy in aliexpress and resell here in spain and get profit. I know how to make a...
  16. L


    Hello can some one please send me few link of Spanish Spanish directory submissions Spanish social bookmarking sites Spanish article or guest blogging sites Free one where i can post my link please Thanks
  17. C.S.R

    Any recommendation to buy private proxies from Norway & Spain,Please?

    I have spend a lot of time finding a supplier who providing ES & NO proxies in the marketplace but haven't got any. Can you please recommend me any website or person? I need them in bulk and ready to pay high for quality private IPs.
  18. Kambaggo

    Spanish Backlinks

    Hi, I have recently started a Spanish website (.es) and I am looking for backlinks. Anyone has access to a Spanish PBN or can point me in the right direction? Many thanks
  19. S

    Newbie from Spain

    Hi I am from Spain and a newbie here. Apolgies for my english Thanks for all the advices. See you on the black side
  20. C

    Need help from locals in Spain.

    Hey, As i have said in my previous posts, this summer im spending in Majorca, Spain. And I have problems with connection here. A the first i buyed orange prepaid internet for tablet, and ,guess what, orange have blocked wifi tethernig with prepaid services. Right now im catching free wifi from...
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