source code

  1. John Ignashevich

    Where is it possible to sell\buy apps and source codes?

    Hello Where is it possible to sell\buy apps and source codes? Probably are there any other platforms\groups\chats\etc except Fl*** (hidden so as not to be mistaken for advertising) ? Thanks
  2. rijiwi9723

    [Journey] AI blogging (source code included)

    Hello everybody, I have been checking BHW (BlackHatWorld) for almost a year now, and I have learned a lot about SEO. I have tried a few methods, but unfortunately, I haven't achieved significant financial success yet (perhaps I'll share those experiences later). Recently, I came across this...
  3. Patchy420

    How to get an apps source code for a reskin?

    It's all in the title Thanks in advance
  4. spamco

    The Ending Of Reskin - mobile apps

    i have easy time finding niches i have apps that got 100k in less than a month + i can create multiple account without problem i can create hundres of account , but for what ? all this apps i get 0 dollars from the reason is = admob limit + facebook blocked traffic problem - they dont...
  5. M

    Searching website source for a piece of code?

    I am looking for a way to search an entire website's source code without crawling it. Right now, I can only look at each page's source code individually, and that is very time-consuming. Do any of you know of an engine/tool/app/plugin etc. that searches the source of the entire blog or website...
  6. M

    Looking for a way to sell source code for a Win Forms app

    Greetings! I've been working on afk money-making script for the online game (GTA Online), that will generate in-game income, while user is running it in the background. There are uncommon and good ways to monetize it, due to how long app is going to run in the background (1-10 hours), there's...
  7. Ashway

    [WTB] whatsapp bulk sender with source code

    As title suggest i need whatsapp bulk message sender with source code.
  8. D

    Help! How this Movie website streams video? where do they host?

    Hello folks, I found a website which streams video using very strange and secured method. I was trying but could not find the source of this video. the website URL is : When i tried to find their video source it shows like this ...
  9. M

    Popup's on websites discount codes.

    I went on to a website today and 2 popups came up, the first one was just a normal newsletter sign up but the second one was for a discount code, when you enter your email a wheel spins and it gives you your result such as 10% off total order, I noticed that one of the sections on the wheel was...
  10. chippox

    At javascript can i get the source code of a webpage

    At javascript can i get the source code of a webpage ? If it is possible how can i do ? Thanks for helping.
  11. kurosaki4d

    Looking for App that searches inside source code page

    Hi, I'm looking for an app that can look for specific keywords inside the code source of the web pages ? Does a such an app exists ? With your experience & knowledge can anybody point me in the right direction ? Thank you NOTE : i have a list of urls and i would like to search in each of...
  12. himdave999

    card game solution

    Hi guys ! just thinking for having card game solution, like poker, i am looking for buying full software with server and client solution. whats your suggestion for it ? any company in mind where i can buy full source code or go for devlopment ? is there any cheper way to have source code ?
  13. L

    Source Code Error

    Hey guys how can someone correct the source code of a website with errors in it. i mean the source code doesn't display any of the meta tags info
  14. incrediable

    [Biggest Giveaway] Only for Developers [Software Source Code]

    Hello, This could be the biggest Giveaway for Developers. As I am sharing a Source code of 2 softwares. Customize it and Start your own Software website to monetize traffic. 1. PC Cleaner 2. Gmail Inbox Grabber PC Cleaner Virustotal Result Mediafire Download Link Gmail Inbox Grabber...
  15. R

    Flippa Selling App

    hi i m selling a app on flippa i want to know when i sell app what i will give to my buyer a source code or i have to pull out my app from google play plzz guide me i m totally new to selling apps on flippaa thank you
  16. A

    Mazar bot

    I need some help. I can pay. Is it possible to acquire this bot and use it? I need to erase a certain individuals android. This individual has decided to take up sides against me and forge conversations based off messages received from me in retaliation from being provoked. If anyone knows how...
  17. alexel

    What HTML Tags Are Significant to Search Engines

    I know that obviously crawlers and spiders index sites based on their meta, H1, H2, alt, title, and all the basic ones. But do search engines prefer sites with proper tags for site's. So for instance, lets say I don't use the tag but only for my navigation bar? Or maybe if my classes are named...
  18. J

    looking to buy some game source codes.

    Hey guys, Im looking to buy some quality source codes. Specifically im looking for the clash of clans soruce code. I hear that some people have it but I cant seem to find it anywhere. Let me know if you have it or can get it for me or if you have other game source codes. Thanks guys.
  19. Z

    Wordpress source in images

    Hello all, How does people have their source in the image like this? Im using wordpress and i can't see no way to do it. Can someone help me? Thank you
  20. P

    Just a source code for Beginner

    Disable Firewall: Dim Bumpbox As Process = New Process Dim top As String = "netsh.exe" Bumpbox.StartInfo.Arguments = ("firewall set opmode disable") Bumpbox.StartInfo.FileName = top Bumpbox.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = False Bumpbox.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = True...
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