software creation

  1. natedogg

    Hire Programmer for Software

    Hey, If I want to have a programmer make me a software where would be the best place for me to outsource this? Also, how would I make sure once the programmer creates it for me, he or she doesn't share it? Thinking about making a tool for social media. A lot of these tools on BHW are great, they...
  2. S

    Does anybody know software for amazon or can it be created?

    Hi, Does anybody know software for amazon which can do the following tasks: - check the price of specific products at least every 3-4 hours, then creates a price alert when the price for any of the products goes UP not down! I know there are websites where you can sign up but they alert you when...
  3. N

    looking for affiliate website platform

    We are a Business Process Outsourcing company, we've got clients all over the world as well as 3rd party affiliations. We want a database which can connect all of our services and wherein they can get access on the backend to all important details that they need. A few of our clients are...
  4. WebmasterDeluxe

    Learning to Make Desktop Apps

    I've self taught myself over the years on building websites etc, not going to claim to be great, but I can make do. I am VERY interested in learning to write desktop software for Windows and need some direction! What language would you recommend I focus on, and what software, compilers, and...
  5. X

    Software Developer to develop a software URGENT

    I am looking for a software developer expert to develop a software which will have more or less similar function to that of Please get back urgently with a resonable quote.
  6. birdiebob

    converting an excel or open office spreadsheet to software

    is there any way to do this . have a spreadsheet with multiple links and sites that require manual input at the moment. I was thinking that this could be converted to a one click operation . Obviously I am not a code guy but would appreciate your help. thanks
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