social book marking

  1. zed sharma

    Looking for submission sites

    Hi BHW Members, I am looking for sites for social bookmarking and profile creation sites ... If anyone is willing to help me out Thanks
  2. aamiramin

    Here is a short Intro

    Hello Great Peoples, This is Aamir Amin an SEO learner. I came here to learn the great strategies of the SEO gurus. I hope i become successful to get the things done in the right way.
  3. ScottSon

    ScottSon Introduction - NEED ADVICE on backlinking, keyword research & CPA

    Hi there everyone! I've been reading through this forum for a few days now and decided yesterday to join as a member to fully utilize the vast informational resources here. Thanks to all that share their valuable expertise on here with us rookies. Perhaps some points on which advice is needed...
  4. Peter Turner

    Social Signals Redefined : A New Dawn of Social Signals & SEO by Indianbill and Peter Turner

  5. bobs01

    Question about Blogging and Social Bookmarking

    Here is my vision: Write a blog and then submit it to every social bookmarking page out there. Do this for every blog i write. Will this cause a penalty with the big G if i submit my article to 50 places in the same day for every blog article i write? I am not sure there are 50 places to...
  6. F

    Get traffic to a sport Blog ?

    I have a sport Blog (in specific niche ), I'm getting only a few visitors per day around 200 and that's only from social bookmarking sites, especially reddit. Is there any other free ways that can drive more traffic to my blog without hurting SEO ?
  7. qwertzui11

    Creating Social Profiles the right way

    I am now creating profiles for my money site. If I can place a link to somewhere like: Google+, Fb, Insta, Stumbleupon, Moz, Linkedin etc... Should it point only to the Homepage? Wouldnt be good if some juice (yes I know, that the links are nofollow...) will be pointing to the inner pages as...
  8. Emily Hilscher

    I can't get this. Can you please?

    I found a website. People are doing the frequent submission on this bookmarking website to get backlinks. But when you click on submit a new story, it redirects you back to the home page. Not only this website but there are 100s of other similar websites. I thought they might be paid...
  9. Amir Hamza

    Problm of social bookmarking submit

    Hi friends, I submitted a link in social bookmarking websit but not show submitted yet now. It was done probably 20 days ago. Please help me how can I see my post in social bookmarking what I submit ?
  10. ddrana103

    I need Good social bookmarking list

    i have found some social bookmarking sites and these are not enough for work i need more from experts Please :)
  11. JunJoo

    Something Related To Bookmarking Sites

    I am thinking that how a social bookmarking website generate revenue, as not every site give paid backlinks. One more thing is that I have a domain and a shared hosting, so what if open a social bookmarking website. If it is beneficial for me to at least get what I spend on my hosting. What's...
  12. shahbaztamboli

    Which is the Best Social Bookmarking Tool

    Hey hi BHW I am searching a Social bookmarking tool that should give me at least 100 bookmarking a site I have use some Online tools such as Only Wire, Hoot Suite but I need a tool Working on my PC I know Ultimate Demon and some like those but the Problem is their Costing is too High I want...
  13. Alieve

    3000+ Social Bookmarking sites: Live Checked few hour ago

    I am using BHW from a very long time and BHW gave me very effective tricks to make $$$. But I have never contribute any thing here. So I did some thing hope you guys like... New Link Download===> Virus Total ===>...
  14. S

    100 % Organic Traffic Just Best white hat SEO Tip

    BestWay To Generate Organic Traffic: Heyguyz i am a blogger and Seo beginner from GuidePedia i was lookingfor a way to generate organic traffic along with the backlinks. So igot through this site and now i have increased organic as well associal networking traffic. I guaranteed you will get 100%...
  15. C

    Which is be better Social Bookmarker?

    Which is best social bookmarking software? I want to make upto 2,000 bookmark with 1 link in 1 time. Suggest me. Thanks in advance, :help:
  16. Julzwriter

    Is it safe to use free social bookmarking site submission tools?

    I just started using Social Marker and was wondering if it is safe? Saw a comment in the forum where someone said that it is not safe to use free social bookmarking sites as my site could be penalized. Is it safe to use free social bookamrking sites to build backlinks and will I get results...
  17. K

    Need some SEO help please!!!

    Hello guys I am in the process of creating directory listing sites and have so far not done must for seo but add my site to google webmaster tools and added to seo yoast plugin. I have people writing articles for me which I am sure that I know 90% of the seo tactics I must follow when I start to...
  18. D


    I am David and I am here to make new friends and do some good business. I heard a lot about this forum and its people. I am glad to be a part of it. :D
  19. W

    Seeking social media service providers.

    I'm looking for social media service providers such as facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, pintrest, google etc., etc. for an ongoing project. Reviews from current client are helpful. Please provide the services you offer, any specifics and pricing / package details. Thanks in advance.
  20. N

    New website seo plan

    I just started one social media exchange website now I want to do seo, I'm not in a position to spend more and I got some low competition key words, I'm planning to write a fresh article (with keyword pointing my money site) and submit it Squidoo and create backlinks to that article(fiver...
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