snapchat + cpa

  1. Anon_30

    Need some advices about SnapChat

    Hey everyone. I think SnapChat is a gold mine, as I already said. I have a growing account. I started four days ago, and today, I have like 50 add per day. I use smartlink, and it's not e-whoring. My smartlink offer redirect to an adult website, and people have to create an account and confirm...
  2. Anon_30

    First Snaphat experience

    Hey dudes. I'm searching for someone who already tried Snapchat things. I have some ideas, but it's my first time in IM, so first time with Snapchat too. I think this social network have infinite potential, because people loves to touch their screen. If someone have some advices, I'll take it...
  3. SonOfBhw

    my adult sc account with traffic and cpa offers + your communication skills

    Like the title says if you want to earn some extra cash then we can both partner up and split 50-50 I will provide you with a Snapchat account with daily 200+ adds.(girls account with 100k+ score so the account is legit). What you need to do is talk with them or you can use your own way to make...
  4. ItsMeFox

    *Method* How to get more Adds on SnapChat

    Recently many people moved to SnapChat for CPA and everyone is using Wink and Hoop and addmesnap and many more apps and the sites like it so the competition became really high there and its became really hard to find people who do the CPA offers for me so i wanted to find clean sources that get...
  5. Y

    Adsense Terminated, made only few $$. I need Help!, Advice, anything!!

    Hello Guys, I am new to this, I discovered this forum about 3 months ago, browsed a lot of methods then tried the arbitrage method when you do Facebook ads and make money with Adsense. I worked with this method for only one month and made about 540 bucks profit(I am from Morocco, this was a lot...
  6. S

    Snapchat Traffic

    I tried to get more friends/followers on snapchat and to make some money using SNAPCHAT and CPA. I made an account on SNAPLYTICS, but I dont really know how to use it to raise my account traffic. Anyone who uses Snaplytics and can help me understand better how it works?
  7. S

    Making Money CPA

    Hello! I ve read a lot these days, tried to understand the methods around here, especially CPA. I have an account on CPAGrip and created an offer there. Now I'm trying to grow a Snapchat account. How do I link these 2? What is the next step? If I get people to click the link of my offer will I...
  8. SonOfBhw

    i have a snapchat traffic but... (need help)

    So guys as a title said i have a girl snap chat account which gets like 30+ adds every day and receives lots of messages . all the peoples are from tier 1 countries. mainly from USA, UK and Au. And most of the people who message me are ready to do what i say which does not involve spending...
  9. robebryant

    2020 journey to $10k / month [season 1]

    Ep.1 (Pilot) Good morning Ladies & Gentlemen, My goal for this year is to achieve full financial freedom and $10k a month would allow to do whatever I want and enjoy some of the luxuries this world has to offer. I currently make a few cents here and there using some methods learned here on...
  10. Mazen Hlel

    HOW I GET 30$/DAY ?

    Hi guys I have 550$ in my paypal but coudn't find any way to make money . I tried CPA IG , snapchat , FB ... I tried affiliet marketing also nothing :( I get this 550$ from buyed my channel YT and I lose my first 50$ in IG influceurs for CPA offers but no 1 leads :( I hope anyone know somthing...