snapchat + cpa

  1. K

    Looking for solution

    Hey. can anyone help me about Tinder. am here looking for tinder update method. i do tinder to snap work. everyday when i crate account i got like i got much match everything is okay but when i went to chat with traffic i got shadow banned or id goes to ghost. what is the solution for it. i do i...
  2. D

    Best Cpa Offer for snapchat ?

    can i run any CPA offer with snapchat? i wanna run campaign because I have 50 + snap chat ads account
  3. J

    How Can i send Fake Live Snap from Gallay

    How can i send fake live snap photo and video the the Gallay
  4. A

    Tinder to snapchat adds guideline solution #2

    HQ FRESH SNAP CHAT ADDS THE OPPOSITE OF TINDER Guide line Solution Skout , Pof, Meetme Snapchat Guaranteed number of adds! guideline solution if you don't get any tinder adds on your snap then this is for you I hope this is help you on your cpa and money making non-stop Premade or Preloaded...
  5. Mr.John Max

    Hey I am dating Traffiq expert If anyone want help

    I have many traffic snap chat what can i do now . or how to monetize it
  6. Chuchitas_009

    How can I get really hot girl photos for my adult CPA method?

    Hello friends, I have been looking for some pictures of hot girls for many hours and I only find porn actresses, and that is not what I want, they must be unknown girls for my profile to look real, I am starting a CPA business combining Snapchat + Twitter. I would like to know some place where...
  7. T

    Need help to use Imonetizeit

    Hello i have an imonetizeit account but the problem its that i want to start making money from adult dating niches and i have no idea how to use the referral link tha i got from imonetizeit I would appreciate if you give any tips or any guide thanks
  8. B

    Snapchat premium model need

    Hello everyone Looking some expart and Must have previous experience on this job. adult model Agency or team Who can work with me snap premium or adult topic. I have lot of hq usa snapchats adds Perday i handle snap traffic you drive your model. Per day chating your model minimum 5k adds...
  9. Chuchitas_009

    Will something affect my Snapchat account if I don't verify it with my mobile phone number?

    Guys I created 5 SnapChats accounts with different emails and since none is verified with a mobile number, they have adult content, but you think that something happens to my snapchat accounts since they are not verified with a mobile number, thanks.
  10. Chuchitas_009

    How can I make money with SnapChat and CPA in the adult niche?

    Well guys, I want to start Snapchat + CPA for adults, I would like to know how it could be started, if you could help me, just a brief explanation, thank you very much.
  11. G

    Please fix your rejected ad, Snapchat.

    Hello guys, I'm new in BHW and this is my first post, I do affiliate marketing and I'm trying to get one ad approve on Snapchat. I'm not trying to promote any offer (yet) so the campaign objective I chose was brand-awareness (thinking it would be easy to get it approved) I'm having some...
  12. tomrk

    Growing Snapchat accounts...

    So I have obviously heard about lots of people growing adult Snapchat accounts and pushing adult CPA offers to monetize them. But I've wanted to try and grow a different type of Snapchat page. Meme account or giveaway account for example. I know there are a bunch of these already so I know its...
  13. Anon_30

    Begginer Error

    Hey guyz, New here, I discovered BHW through an instant messaging friend. I opened a Snapchat account and signed up for a CPA network. I used smart links, my subscribers clicked, signed up and saw the money go up. I received around 300 clicks and 15-20 conversions per day. Which made me $ 20 a...
  14. S

    your ad or account is in violation of snap policy

    Hello Friends Could you Please help me guys why i get this rejected all Time : I'm trying to promote ads on snapchat.. But I don't understand why they reject it.. I get this message : your ad or account is in violation of snap policy It's not clear to understand where is the problem...
  15. S

    20$ for Help to Set an email submit offer snapchat ad

    Hello, i have a budget of snapchat ad to just play with and learn, i need to set up an email submit offer in snapchat ad, i need help From a Jr VIP that has experience running cpa ads on snapchat with : * which offer should i pick to get approved for snapchat ads * some tip on how to set the...
  16. Shashank shahi

    Poor conversion in snapchat ads

    I'm using snapchat ads for cpa and my conversion from snap swipe up to my lander is ~20%. I checked my hosting usage, analytics new user counts, and here are the results. Snapchat swipe Up: 3750 Unique IP request count in hosting: ~2100 Google analytics new user: ~750 What could be the...
  17. Shashank shahi

    Snapchat ad on multiple account?

    In facebook, we can use 1 web link in 8-12 ad accounts till it gets blocked. Is this thing the same for snapchat or do I have to create new web link for every new snapchat ad account?
  18. vishy

    How To Use $100 Snapchat Ad Credit?

    Hi guys, I got a coupon for $100 Snapchat ad credit and I have never used it before. Does anyone here has some experience with Snapchat ads. eg How to get an ad approved - does it allow CPA offers - raw links ? My apologies for being a bit vague. Stay safe.
  19. Sardi

    How to avoid getting banned on SNAPCHAT

    Hi everyone I am using snapchat as a traffic source on the adult niche bit i keep getting banned more and more fast , like I open an account within minutes its banned even without posting any content so my question is how to avoid getting banned or how to make it last longer ???
  20. ItsMeFox

    ** Selling Aged SnapChat Accounts 3+ Years **

    Hello, I am selling aged SnapChat Accounts 3+ Years All the accounts with very few activities score and friends the accounts never used for spam most of them not phone verified The Price is 15$ per account and 50$ for 5 Accounts Skype: Mohamed-_-Fekry FAQ: 1. The Accepted Payment methods...