snapchat account

  1. E

    Snapchat something went wrong adding

    after I added 15 friends, it gives an error, the old accounts are warmed up, I use high-quality white proxies, I cleaned the cache, updated it does not help. help solve the problem.
  2. J

    How Can i send Fake Live Snap from Gallay

    How can i send fake live snap photo and video the the Gallay
  3. dillywilly

    Snapchat ads increases its screen sensitivity and response ?

    does anyone else on here feel like every-time you get hit with a snapchat ad it somehow ends up on the advertisers landing page ? but when you're swiping thru your friends stories it doesn't seem to be responding as sensitive , is snapchat advertisers getting duped by snapchat? i know a handful...
  4. B

    Now a day i can't control my lots off snap adds!

    Hello everyone , Any one can help me how to i control My daily HQ Usa Snapchat Adds more then 10k+. my clint model capacity control out. A few days ago i get only 3k adds but now a day i gotted 10k+ All adds come to e-where perpas. what can i do?
  5. B

    Snapchat premium model need

    Hello everyone Looking some expart and Must have previous experience on this job. adult model Agency or team Who can work with me snap premium or adult topic. I have lot of hq usa snapchats adds Perday i handle snap traffic you drive your model. Per day chating your model minimum 5k adds...
  6. Chuchitas_009

    Will something affect my Snapchat account if I don't verify it with my mobile phone number?

    Guys I created 5 SnapChats accounts with different emails and since none is verified with a mobile number, they have adult content, but you think that something happens to my snapchat accounts since they are not verified with a mobile number, thanks.
  7. Vaibhavzuck

    Snapchat deleted my accounts need help

    Snapchat deleted my 2 accounts in 1 hour one by one I don't know why ? Anyone know why they deleted Account was adult category Help please
  8. S

    your ad or account is in violation of snap policy

    Hello Friends Could you Please help me guys why i get this rejected all Time : I'm trying to promote ads on snapchat.. But I don't understand why they reject it.. I get this message : your ad or account is in violation of snap policy It's not clear to understand where is the problem...
  9. Sardi

    How to avoid getting banned on SNAPCHAT

    Hi everyone I am using snapchat as a traffic source on the adult niche bit i keep getting banned more and more fast , like I open an account within minutes its banned even without posting any content so my question is how to avoid getting banned or how to make it last longer ???
  10. bobe poddar

    Can yoy suggest Snapchat aulternative apps?

    Hi I am using snapchat but they braned . Can anyother apps like snapchat?
  11. saiyan zoobie

    How to create multiple Snapchat account?

    Hello, Can anyone help me. I have an android phone and I have already created 3 accounts with it. Although, I log in to an account after cleaning my data and cache. But yesterday One of my accounts got banned and that is due to adding too many people and sending msgs. But I want to know, that...
  12. Strade

    Working Snapchat API or Bot?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys know about any working Snapchat API or bot, I tried searching every working API I could find, but I found nothing. I want to make a bot that sends snaps and add friends, that's it. Thanks in advance.
  13. J

    Snap chat grow up!

    Hey hello to all can anybody tell me some tips about hoe to grow upp a snapchat acc , or wht is the best way to use the snap
  14. ciano061

    Any snapchat growth courses?

    Hello beautiful people of blackhatworld, just wondering if anyone has any or knows about any courses for growing a snapchat account? Trying to grow a snapchat meme page and although it’s going well so far I could use a bit of help:)
  15. Y

    how to get more views and friends on snapchat ?

    Hello so i have like 1k views per snap(adult) but i feel like its not enough since only 100 are active with my cpa... i usually use facebook groups to add those people and post myself but its like slow and not effective if anyone can give me tips where to find more traffic ? thanks
  16. M

    Adult Snapchat Packs to download

    Hi guys, i need some adult snapchat packs (pics videos) of unknown snapchat models. Does anyone know where i can download or buy that stuff? Thanks in advace, MJ
  17. kd199121

    Any way to unfriend 100 Snapchat friend with a single click ?

    Hello I have more than 200 friends and i want to delete 100 of them with a single click! Is there any way i can do ? It would be great if anyone could help me out with it Thank you -
  18. Seahawks

    Looking for Snapchat influencers!

    Waddup BHW dawgs! I have a huge budget for anyone that can get me female-focused Snapchat pages to promote a fitness app on. I'm looking to run every other day. Hope to hear from you soon!
  19. P

    Searching Snapchat fake acc

    Hello, i am looking for a snapchat acc creator or want buy fake verified acc
  20. pulok

    How to Get free image,video for snapchat

    hey guys,im trying to create a snapchat id but im not able to find content for it.i need a good source where i can get atlest 40-100 pic or snapchat video of same new in snapchat so i can't find content from snapchat.if anyone have than please help me on this.BHW has been very helpful...