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  1. neverlackin360

    Looking for a SMS marketing program with a very generous free trial

    Hello BHW, I'm looking into getting started with sms marketing. If you know of any sites that allow a few hundred messages to be sent during the free trial let me know or if you know how to send bulk sms for free also let me know thank you
  2. Bahiij

    Promoting Cpa offers via Sms marketing??

    Hey everyone I'm a newbie here and also in the cpa field, So does anyone here has any idea or already tried promoting offers Via Sms?? If YES what program or website u have used to send Messages ??
  3. denny7dee

    [METHOD] How to make 20000$ with SMS payments and Mobile Subscriptions. Are they still alive?

    Hello friends! Several years ago I worked in the niche of SMS payments. Since then, a lot has changed, bots, automotive tools have appeared and there are many more ways to monetize this scheme. I would like to share my experience with you and maybe someone will have an idea how to breathe life...
  4. greenbackboogie

    Loans Affiliate Programs

    I've been looking recently for a loan affiliate program that allows SMS traffic. Any idea?
  5. michel hocks

    Searching For Google Voice Alternative

    I am searching for google voice alternative number where I can send a daily single message with a link
  6. A

    Mobile Number List Method? CPA?

    Hi everyone, I hope you guys are well and making bank. I have access to a long list of numbers in my country. Looking to send SMS with CPA affiliate links. I have the setup figured out, but not sure which affiliate company to use and what to offer. I will be able to send up to 5k per day...
  7. anamul365

    Phone Verification SMS Services Can not work

    Hi, I am search on google try to find out best pva, phone verification services provider. but most of the services provider can not work properly and they are provide same number more time. also some time banned google and fb. so how can i find out right provider and good quality services. Do...
  8. S

    How can I send Unlimited SMS USA number?

    Hello, I have lot's of USA people phone number and I want to send Unlimited SMS to those number how can I do this/?
  9. ATuringtest

    Advice on sending bulk SMS + recommended service uk

    I've been asked to send some adverts to via SMS to list of mobile numbers I've scraped. Has anyone used a good service that can do this for me ? Are there any do's and don't s ?
  10. blackcommoner

    Best ways to monetize US SMS traffic

    Hi friends, I can get huge traffic from mobile using SMS. Those all are US based. Even i can get city wise traffic. Problem is, Numbers i am getting traffic from, those are not niche, age or gender targeted. I am not from US, so i cant offer service to local business too. In that case, can...
  11. B

    How To Monetize 100.0000 US Cell Phone Numbers

    I'm open for all kinds of suggestions (creative ways of monetizing it, SMS Softwares, CPA's, whatever) If we get to a good solution - after I use it - i will share the contact list on this thread. chin-chin!
  12. A

    MY sms sender + your number list with campaign= $$$

    I have a sms sender. I can sent up-to 20k sms per-day.I can send single MSG to USA and Canada. If you have list of numbers (USA/Canada) I will send them your msg. We split profit 50/50 PM me if you are interested.
  13. S

    SMS Marketing - Better than ever?? Autoresponder?

    Wanted to post this in the appropriate thread and also add to it. Many of you have been in SMS marketing for quite some time. I received this email this morning from about changes from a current USA/Canadian Carrier. "Rogers Communications has recently announced a policy change which...
  14. S

    SMS Marketing - Text Message Autoresponder - Bot - Making Money

    Haven't been any threads as of late from an SMS Marketing standpoint. Wanted to open this up to ideas and also post some experiences and throw around some ideas on SMS marketing and how to make money via SMS Marketing. So basically in order to make SMS work you need 1) An Auto Responder...
  15. malam

    Adult affiliates that accept chat traffic, sms traffic

    I am looking for high paying cam or dating affiliate program which accept mobile chat, sms traffic. Anyone have this experience please share.
  16. S

    SMS Robot - Mass Sender - JV Wanted

    For the last 2 years I have developed a web based SMS marketing product. We have been incredibly successful on social media with it. I am considering opening it to a select group of power users interested in using it on a JV basis. There are currently 2 ways to auto respond. You can write a...
  17. T

    Ways to blast SMS in US

    Hi guys, I'm an ex-programmer looking to get into IM, particularly SMS & mobile. I've been lurking here, on other sites, and doing a bunch of reading on SMS to compile a list to share with other noobs. So far people seem to be using any and all of the following: Web Platforms ====== Pinger...
  18. Z

    Delivering SMS Best Solution????

    Hey there, Been trying to find the best delivery solution for promoting aff offers via SMS. I have some shortcodes from Trumpia but I think that full phone numbers would probably convert higher than some random shortcode ("5564"). I know that there are ways to have offshore hosted sms...
  19. chillerfx

    anyone here does sms marketing??

    Hello , I looking for an sms marketer Looking to have a long term business with , if interested pm me pls. Cheers
  20. B

    SMS Affiliates

    Hi Guys Do you know any SMS affiliate programs that is based on sending SMS traffic to a number? (instead of sending web traffic to a website) Like "send SMS to subscribe" or "send SMS to buy" kind of sites, where I want to be an affiliate to divert/send people to send SMS to that number.