1. thebotmaker

    Ever worry about privacy?

    Of course, being an internet marketer has its benefits. However, knowing that (hypothetically): Your links / backlinks to other pages will be stored forever All the emails that you've sent / others have sent about you will be stored forever Possibly there are traces of you all over the...
  2. D

    FollowPlanner ✅ The Smart Instagram Automation Bot ✅ Insane Instagram Growth Hacking Tool!

    Thread temporarily closed - OP request. Stop buying fake followers and start flooding your account with real, engaging followers with FollowPlanner! Click here to sign up for a free 7-day trial of FollowPlanner and start growing your Instagram account today! Why should you try...
  3. theqlogic87

    To all SmartCash holders..

    :) Anyone here buying a Master node(Smart node)?
  4. dekra

    Too smart to do it!

    So hey guys, i got a problem, im a little bit way too ******* smart for myself that i dont use it!!! cant explain, i have so many ideas that i myself dont know how to do them, but to do them alone will take me ages! so i need people on bhw or someone you might know that want to sit and listen...
  5. S

    The Psychology of Making Money

    I believe this is probably the best place to suggest this. If not, please let me know where this should be posted. I wanted to discuss the psychology of making money, and why many people get stuck. Society tends to make us believe that we should all invest the money we make. We all want to...
  6. markomarkogame

    Google Adsense- Fix smart pricing

    This issue was bugging me for 2 months so those 2 months kind of dropped off in earnings. Anyway here is how to fix the smart pricing issues. Be sure to REMOVE adsense ads on the blogs/webpages on which u have little number of visitors and no click, remove it. Make sure that you dont forget...
  7. markomarkogame

    ADSENSE & Smart pricing

    Im not in a good mood, i mean this site that i have used to give me 1-2 dollars a day which was ok, but now it gives me maximum 0.5 euro . Clicks and visits stayed the same and im sure its smart pricing cause thats the only explanation to this low cost clicks. I used the competitive ad...
  8. K

    Need a supplier for Apple appliances

    Specifically apple Ipad 2 smart covers? Legit not replicas Waaaaiit a minute. Why did I say appliances, I meant accessories.
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