site traffic

  1. C

    Is my site penalised?

    Hello everyone, So, a week back or so one of my money sites witnessed a strange fluctuation in traffic. Since then, the site traffic has been halved to what it was before. When I visit GSC, the traffic and clicks seem normal. Nothing unusual there. Also, the keywords are increasing as per...
  2. HenryObi

    How Do I Return This Site To It's Former Ranking And Traffic, Helpful Suggestions Please

    Hi, This site of mine was ranking well(not too high but still okay) between 2016 to late early 2017. Then it was on Blogger then I decided to move to wordpress(advice from lots of people), after moving I think there were some errors with permalinks so site was getting too many error 404 pages...
  3. 3

    RON Traffic

    Hello all, I have a RON traffic with optional TOS/PV values. Currently there are about 20k unique IPs, and traffic volumes are 500k/daily, but depends on some parameters. Support of javascript, ajax, html5, video play/stop, banners and urls clicks, etc. So I have 2 questions: 1) Have you heard...
  4. pulkitseo

    does sites traffic get down in month of december ?

    does sites traffic get down in month of december or it shoots up ? If its drops please suggest me some article to read why and how does that happen.. thanks and Regards
  5. tuhinparvez

    Increase Website Traffics in Short way.

    Hello, Take my love. I am new to here. I want to know that how to increase website traffic in short way for free. Please help me. Thanks in advanced.
  6. Killertu

    How much vistor on site to consider a good site(or an average site)

    I been on the online business for sometime now(not a job) working on a site(not gonna say any,don't want to be call advertise) but anyroad, It been a year now(not untill 30, tomorrow) I'm getting 1160 average vistor perday and 4,393 paid view.with a total of Total 155,578 vistor and 730,775 paid...
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