Increase Website Traffics in Short way.


Jun 10, 2013
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Take my love. I am new to here. I want to know that how to increase website traffic in short way for free. Please help me. Thanks in advanced.
For free ??
I dont think you can with the competition nowadays. But, I can recommend:
1. Paid traffic - Though it's paid, it's instant (like Adwords, FB and Bing)
2. SEO - Use automation tools to build links => ranking & traffic (though may be for short term periods)

"In Short Time" & "Free" are opposite in IM.

Either you have to invest money to get quick results, or you have to work, wait and see the site growing slowly.

Choose your preferred method.
Thanks for your kind reply. I have a little budget, so i have to work, But how to start and where from start to increase site rank and traffics ??
This will depend on two things:

1. The money you have to invest
2. The time you have available to work

To get quick, targeted and quality traffic you will either need to pay for it (AdWords) or do Manual SEO if you don't have funds in order to build your sites reputation and to increase your ranking(s) for your targeted keywords. Though SEO takes longer to see results it usually pays off in the long run to put the work and effort in. I hope this helps and I wish you luck!

On topic forums can still work for a few thousand visitors in the short term. It can be spammy depending on the forum and how you do it.
now you can use facebook, twitter and free directory and use some different contents... Thanks San
you can try with fb groups... works very well
You can use Twitter for direct traffic to your money site
But you must have many followers
To gain much traffic for your website you can create short video about you website and post it in Google or you cab great a Facebook page and keep you website link in that page to make user to visit. by ad-word also you can gain much traffic but natural SEO is very important to make high rank...keep in mind that just creating page in social media is not enough you to get good follower for it......
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