How Do I Return This Site To It's Former Ranking And Traffic, Helpful Suggestions Please


Sep 7, 2017
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Hi, This site of mine was ranking well(not too high but still okay) between 2016 to late early 2017.

Then it was on Blogger then I decided to move to wordpress(advice from lots of people), after moving I think there were some errors with permalinks so site was getting too many error 404 pages, it took me a little while to redirect most of it. Now everything is fine but my ranking and traffic has gone down extremely I can't even get 300 page views in a day. It has been like this since mid last year.

I was hoping things would change but never did it.

It discourages me from updating it.

So I need suggestions, help and anything that could help me regain y site and everything about ti as it used to be.

Here's the domain

I brought it to this section of the forum hoping it's the best place I could get suggestion and help, but blackhat techniques are also welcome

Thanks in advance
Mostly your backlinks vanished when you change the structure of your Permalink. And they made a negative SEO effect on your site.
What used to work in the past may not necessarily keep working. Several changes take place and you need to adapt. You should check what your competitors are doing, compare content and inks as well as domain strength.
check indexing of all your links, one by one on google (use the new search console beta) + submit sitemap + check your competitors. (on page + off page)
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